Monday, February 16, 2015

Middle East - North Africa Report - ( February 16 , 2015 ) - Egypt strikes ISIS in Libya after ISIS Execution of 21 Egyptian Christians ( Egypt and Libya in Focus ) ....... syria / Iraq / ISIS Regional War Updates ...... Yemen in focus .......Easier to document countries not involved than those fighting directly / through proxies / aiding and abetting anti- ISIS forces ....... Iran in focus....


Libyan ISIS Beheads 21 Egyptian Christians


White House is right when it says the US "cannot be an occupying force in a place like "

Turkey temporarily closes its Yemen embassy over Houthi crisis

Kurds, Syrian rebels edge into Islamic State stronghold: monitor

Bahrain deploys warplanes to Jordan to fight ISIS

France, Egypt call for UN Security Council meeting on Libya

Clashes erupt as Turkey’s Kurds demand Ocalan release

Iran blasts report that Khamenei wrote letter responding to Obama

Iran denies Khamenei letter to Obama

Libyan Air Force planes bomb targets in Sirte, Ben Jawad

BREAKING Libyan Air Force commander says 40-50 militants killed in airstrikes against ISIS in Libya: Egypt State TV

Hariri blasts Hezbollah’s role in Syria as madness

Many Salafists see Shiites, not Jews and Israel, as the greatest threat to Islam

Barzani: The region's new borders will be drawn in blood 

Anbar officials reject Shiite popular mobilization forces