Thursday, February 19, 2015

MENA Report - ( February 19-20 , 2015 ) - ISIS Global Campaign Within Context of Iraq / Syria Regional War - Focus on Iraq , Syria , Libya , Yemen , Lebanon and Egypt ....


ISIS Car Bombs Kill 42 in Eastern Libyan City

US Ground Troops Likely to Join Attack on Mosul

ISIS Ready for Fight to the Death in Mosul

Obama: Defeating ISIS Hinges on Syria Regime Change

Qatar, Egypt in War of Words Over Libya Airstrikes

Once a Top Booster, Ex-US Envoy No Longer Backs Arming Rebels

Officials: EU Considering Mending Ties With Assad

Libyan ISIS' Med Outposts Have Italy Scrambling to War

Airstrikes, Battles Leave 194 Dead Across Iraq

Battle Lines Drawn for a Civil War in Yemen

Lebanese Army Arrests 23 in Bekaa Crackdown

Sisi: It's Time to Correct NATO Mistakes in Libya

Torn Apart by Conflict, Oil-Rich Libya May Be Going Broke

Libya Requests Ending Arms Embargo to Fight ISIS



Aleppo campaign shifts to war of morale via

Turkey, U.S. sign deal to train, arm Syrian rebels via

Iraq civil war leader rallies Shiite fighters against ISIS

Pro-Islamic State militants seize Libyan university: residents

Egypt acts as middleman for Russia-Libya arms deal

GCC backs in row with over -

: Iraqi offensive on Mosul to involve 20,000-25,000 troops: U.S. military official

from "model" intervention to civil war, what went wrong?Could it split btw East & West?

FM: We don't owe anyone an advance notice of strikes. Washington understands our response.

FM : is nb. 1 priority in countering extremism,we support De Mistura ceasefire plan

Emir Sheikh Tamim will be in Washington on Monday. 3 day visit, will meet .