Sunday, February 15, 2015

Greece Update - February 15 , 2015 -- Solidarity with Greece Protests Occurring Across Europe Today ...... News and Views ( Divergent ) on EuroGroup ( 2/16/15 ) , updates on Greece debt talk with creditors ( as appropriate , updates during the day ) .... Additional items of note.


Huge turnout in anti-austerity pro-gov rally in Athens, 

Amsterdam against austerity and with Greece RT : feels like "

Strong solidarity for in Trafalgar Square ! The sun is shining on this energy!

Follow for awesome photos - protests all over the Europe in with Greece are going on today

rally little girls are protesting with banners. Square

Athens must stand firm against the ’s failed policies, an Anti-elitist Münchau writes.

EU Official says situation extremely difficult. Says EU's Juncker making last-ditch effort at Greece deal, BBG reports.

confident ahead of EU meeting, but sticking to its no-austerity guns.

Who is it who really needs to reform? 

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EU Official: Brussels Greek Talks End Saturday As Scheduled, Ahead of Feb16 Meeting. Talks Were Exchange Of Views, Not Negotiations. (BBG)

"The new Greek gov't hasn't realized yet how European Union institutions function' /by /via

Greece is Playing to Lose by Anatole Kaletsky - Project Syndicate

RT : Unless Syriza changes course, Greece is inexorably heading out of the euro

Greek FinMin: There is No Plan B, Only Armageddon via Latest News from Greece

would be worst option, says bailout fund chief. 5yr default probability at 72%

The way forward

Greece won't accept bailout programs like past ones, says spokesman

Varoufakis expects deal with eurozone, even at 11th hour

Eichengreen warns of a . Greek exit from the Euro may have devastating consequences like bank runs. via

Most likely outcome Monday: A typical Euro fudge formula that the creditors will call 'extension' &the Greek govt will call 'transformation'

| Syriza hardliner Lafazanis draws red line: No deal if creditors insist on bailout program extension.

I think the Greek govt is aware they can't get throu March w/out funding frm Eurozone & the IMF. They can't afford to miss pensions payments

And the Eurogroup is aware that the Greek gov't is in urgent need of funding. Time is of the essence

gov't - 'institutions' pending issues are fiscal gap, labor reforms and privatizations, reports.

gov't - "institutions" technical teams to conclude consultations tonight. No agreement yet on three issues, reports.

In what way, is the Greece's ex-PM A. Samaras siding against Greek govt in debt talks a good thing?

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