Friday, February 27, 2015

Europe Watch ( February 27 , 2015 ) - Greece negotiations , Greek economic / politics and Troika watch ........ Data and Europe bond market distortions ..... Ukraine and Russia in focus ....

Evening tweets.....

Vigil for Boris will replace planned anti-crisis rally on 1st March - LIVE UPDATES

MORE: police identify license plate number of the car shots were fired from  

UPDATE:2 hours before his shooting interviewed by a radio station about a planned demonstration on March 1.


Yulia Tymoshenko supports Lyashkos demand to sack Nat Bank chief Gontareva over Hryvnia collapse . Rada set to vote on monday

New Varoufakis comments have infuriated German officials.He told that vagueness in agreement was intentionally vague

This chart = who Greece has to pay back. Seniority v clearly: private first, EFSF & EU governments last

TSIPRAS: TALKS MUST ALSO BEGIN ON GREEK DEBT....those talks were concluded last week, you chose the Euro

If Greece is forced to do the extension along the lines Germany wants, Syriza will simply default. That is where this could be headed

PM Tsipras denies the Greek gov't will ask for a 3rd bailout programme in June.

Greece runs out of funding options despite euro zone reprieve via

's Public Debt Mgmnt Agency plans to auction €875ml Tbills March 4.

Wow RT : Metron Analysis
SYRIZA 42.1% ND 18.3 Potami 5.7 G Dawn 5.3 KKE 4.1 Ind Greeks 3.8 PASOK 3

Tsipras unveils coalition's first bills, due next week

Piraeus port plans are coming in next few weeks

Morning Tweets.....

~: After MFFA extension, last EFSF tranche of €1.8bn & €1.8bn in SMP profits available for Greece if review successfully concluded


EFSF: Disbursement of last loan tranche is conditional on the successful conclusion of final review under the current arrangement

So far, the EFSF has disbursed €141.8 billion in financial assistance to

RT : Bill reinstating ERT to be introduced in parliament March 5, it will include rehiring former employees

EFSF: Disbursement of last loan tranche is conditional on the successful conclusion of final review under the current arrangement

4Q GDP -0.4% vs 3Q of 2014 against -0.2% that was calculated for the flash estimate and +1.3% vs 4Q of 2013 (+1.7% expected)

averted? German Feb inflation rises 0.1% yoy vs -0.2% forecasted and after -0.4% in Jan.

The fact that Germans approved this deal 542 votes v 32 and syriza cant even agree on whether there shd be a vote in Gr tells you who "won"

RT : German parliament approves bailout extension

Failing to put bailout extension deal to Greek parliament would be unwise and undemocratic

Via , proposed Syriza legislation on humanitarian crisis, loan repayment, tax evasion, reconstituting , protection of homes tbd

Nice chart on the proportion of bonds which have negative yield. Only likely to increase with

Cyprus deal with Putin will make new Russia sanctions “much more unlikely”

Greek assets sell off for a third day: Banking index plunges by 6.6%. 3yr yields jump.

Investors are panic buying peripheral bonds: Italian spread shows risk premium vanishing in EZ

Ukraine must complete gas payment Friday for gas supplies in March —Russian minister

Ukrainian defense official confirms Kiev receives lethal arms from abroad

ICYMI: Greece Warns It May Default On IMF Loan As Soon As Next Week

German Parliament Approves Greek Bailout After Schauble Makes It Clear Germany Remains In Charge


Chart: Baltic Dry index down 55% over the past year.

3 charts: Vulnerable EMG currencies under pressure again as dollar rally resumes; BRL, TRY, IDR -