Saturday, January 24, 2015

MENA Watch - January 24 , 2015 - A selections of news and views touching on Middle East and North African Nations , War / Proxy War Involvement and Politics - Focus on Iraq / Syria / Lebanon / Egypt / Saudi Arabia / Libya / Yemen

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US Terror Operations in Yemen 'Paralyzed'

Some Shiites believe that the 's death will signal the beginning of the end-times

The Houthis' victory ironically benefits AQAP by polarizing , the poorest country in the Arab world -

FSA opposes intervention in Lebanon, stressing its main goal is to fight the Syrian regime, not the Lebanese army

Some U.S. counter-terrorism efforts in frozen for now -

Saudi Prince Mohammad bin Salman named defense minister -

Army finds 3 more bodies of soldiers as guns fall silent

Saudi king reassures on succession, policy

Leader of Libyan Ansar al-Shariah dies of wounds

Abadi praised London anti-ISIS meeting, Kurdish region Pres Barzani 'upset & disheartened' for not getting an invite