Friday, January 2, 2015

Iraq / Syria Regional War Updates ( January 2 -3 , 2014 ) After a bloody 2014 , what lies ahead for 2015 ?


US Fails in Attempted Rescues of Jordanian Pilot

Airstrike Leaves Civilian Casualties; 91 Killed Across Iraq

Dozens Killed as US Escalates Strikes in Syria
ISIS Captures 170 in Raid on Two Iraqi Villages

Vanguard of Syria's Uprising Now on the Run From ISIS

Iraq 2014: 48,590 Killed and 26,516 Wounded

Tweets 1/3/15 .....


Map 1: March 10, 2014 Map 2: January 1, 2015


2-We are confident about the info we reported.


1-We have seen the fire exchange with our own eyes. The Pentagon's denial of the attempt does not mean it didn't happen.

Raqqa was bombarded last night but the "attempt of hostages rescue" was dismissed by IS accounts in Raqqa


Mil sources tell US special operations forces did NOT launch a rescue mission 2free held Jordanian pilot v

ISIS seeking bases inside Lebanon: security chief


Syria is unhappy with Lebanon's new visa rules, says there should have been more coordination. How times have changed

to reopen embassy for first time in 25 years

takes 170 men hostage from 2 villages in N. in search for flag-burners

cells reinfiltrated Tarmiyah 20 km north of Baghdad, insurgents have regained some control inside the urban area. h/t

soldier kidnapped near border

imposes visas on for first time after being overwhelmed by

PT: Gen. Saadi's prediction has been borne out now that has surged back into central Bayji and controls most of the town.



military consultants dressed as in posing with . .


Sad to see once more US pundits don't understand 's constitution with calls for Dayton-style top-down federalism

MAP: What Assad Regime Controls in at the Beginning of 2015 ?

Pentagon tells after more than 1,000 bombings in Iraq and Syria it hasn't verified a single civilian death

Weak institutions and corruption mean that major crimes in Iraq are not being investigated or prosecuted -

Syrian opposition to discuss Russian peace plan

19 killed in rebel fire on Syria's Aleppo: activists

Air Strikes against targets, 1 Jan. 2015 (17 Syria, 12 Iraq) 13 Kobane, 7 Mosul, Fallujah, Deir Ezzor...

AFP: 2014: Syria's bloodiest year yet