Thursday, January 1, 2015

Iraq / Syria Regional War ( January 1 , 2015 ) - Battlefield and political news of note touching on Iraq and Syria .....


Can ISIS Extend Current Momentum In 2015?


Basra moving toward independence

Security source: U.S.-led coalition targets a meeting for ISIS in , kills 15 including leaders

Air strikes launched by the U.S.-led coalition has targeted a meeting of Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS) militants south of the Iraqi province of Mosul Thursday night, killing 15 members of the group including leaders, a security source told Al Arabiya News Channel.


List:Russia has invited 28 Syrian opposition figures to Moscow for talks in preparation for dialogue with gov


CONFIRMED: 13th unit FSA commander; Ahmad Al Saud kidnapped by Al Nusra Front in Idlib yesterday evening

And regarding Al Saud ....


Major Ahmed Al Saud leads the 13th Division, one of the more moderate rebel groups that have been vetted by America. He says only a fraction of the promised weapons and support has been supplied.
"No war can be won solely from the air. It needs fighting on the ground," he adds.
Major Ahmed Al Saud, 13th Division leader: "No war can be won solely from the air"
"This requires support. If we don't have it, then we can't fight inside."

Monitor: over 76,000 killed in in 2014

Senior Iranian official Mr Shahroudi: US Army drops weapons for ISIS fighters close to Shia cities.

Battles rage for control of and its oil fields - disponible en español

: forces shell rebels' positions in Jroud Baalbek, : Al Arabiya Correspondent

Pictures of -ISIS confrontations on New Year's Eve

France says rising as terrorist ‘sanctuary’

Pic from a anti-ISIS/Regime demo in Kurdish city of Amuda in Hasakah "ISIS enslaves our women & PYD kidnaps our kids"

2nd pic:

"Regime pillages Syria with excuse of resistance PYD displaced the Kurds with excuse of ISIS & resistance"