Thursday, December 4, 2014

Ukraine Coal and Electricity Crisis Updates ( December 4- 7 ) - Daily Updates as the Crisis in Ukraine appears set to come to a head.....

Doesn't it seem odd Ukraine has a  general financial crisis - manifesting itself by way of its coal and electricity crisis - and  yet is supposedly supported by the US and EU ? Russia now supplying coal and electricity to ukraine - in addition to natural gas !

Fight Breaks Out In Parliament When Ukraine Learns It Has Quietly Become The Newest US State


Ukrainian government allows imports of electricity from neighbouring countries

forced to buy gas & coal to stave of energy collapse. Money likely came from foreign reserves which r perilously depleted

Russian coal dispatched to Ukraine’s thermal power plants - Ukraine’s energy ministry


'Kiev will be the first to freeze bc the stupidity of the countrys leaders' . in desperate search for coal

Energy emergency: Zaporizhia power plant reconnected grid tonight. Another South nuclear plant disconnects reactor for 3 months

's power plants work at minimum capacity due to shortage

Today they paid $378 million for Russian gas, yesterday got 500 mn Euro loan from EU

12/5/14 ....

New energy minister scrambles to find coal as Kyiv and other cities face heat, power shutdowns Proverbial merde+fan

African coal ‘won’t burn in Ukrainian thermal power plants’ But negotiating to buy more coal from South Africa ?

Russia continues to block 500 trucks holding already bound for Ukraine with coal Russia vs Ukraine coal war

Nuclear Incident Leaves Doubts Over Ukraine’s Energy Security: Ukraine is downplaying t...

With disastrous deficit for power plants in Central Ukraine,"DNR" militants offer to sell it on advance payment

Kiev Asks Ukrainians to Use Less Electricity Amid Threat of Blackouts: Ukraine's new ener... через @egomezis



Zaporizhia NPP restarts 3rd reactor unit shut down by automatic protection system week ago

The Zaporizhia nuclear power plant started to bring its reactor unit up to a minimum controllable power level at 04:27 Kyiv time on Friday, state-run Energoatom nuclear power company said.
The reactor unit will be connected to the power grid before 23:00 Kyiv time on the same day in accordance with the maintenance schedule.
The automatic protection system disconnected the third reactor unit of the Zaporizhia NPP at 19:24 Kyiv time on November 28 due to damage caused to the coil connecting the house load transformer and unit transformer breakers. The automatic protection system responded in strict compliance with the protocol.
"The cold shutdown of the reactor proceeded normally, without radiological consequences," the NPP administration emphasized.
The unplanned disconnection of the third reactor unit of the Zaporizhia nuclear power plant has been tentatively assessed as a "below scale/level 0" event by the INES International Nuclear and Radiological Event Scale. This event has no safety implications.
The Zaporizhia NPP is the largest nuclear power plant in Europe by its rated capacity. Its six VVER-1000 reactor units were built by the Soviet project V-320. The first reactor unit was started up in December 1984 and the sixth in October 1995.
Energoatom is the operator of all four nuclear power plants currently working in Ukraine: the Zaporizhia, Yuzhnoukrainsk, Rivne and Khmelnytsky power plants with 15 pressurized light water reactors and a total rated capacity of 13.835 gigawatts.


Energy minister believes Ukraine should start importing electricity from Russia

Energy and Coal Industry Minister of Ukraine Volodymyr Demchyshyn has said that the launch of imports of electricity from Russia is a required step.

"I know that we're holding talks on imports of electricity. I can say for sure that at least this is a required step, despite its political difficulty," he said at a briefing in Kyiv on Wednesday.
He did not manage to specify the exact terms of starting imports of Russian electricity, adding that it could start in coming days.


Ukraine reduces electric power supply to Crimea causing 


The reduction of Ukrainian electric power supply to Crimea has caused blackouts in the republic and Sevastopol, DTEK Krymenergo and Sevastopolenergo said on Wednesday.
Blackout schedules were put into place in the morning of December 3, the companies said.
Only one in four high-voltage lines transmitting Ukrainian electricity to Crimea is now operating; its capacity is 330 kilovolts, DTEK Krymenergo said. Another three power lines with an overall capacity of 880 kilovolts have been disconnected after a decision from Ukraine. NPC Ukrenergo stopped the operation of the last of the three lines on Wednesday morning.


2prepay for Russia-n today/omorrow, increases gas imports fr Slovakia, seeks coal supplies via

Luhansk People’s Republic ready to sell coal to Ukraine

faces coal shortage, nuclear trouble, gas crisis.

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