Monday, December 1, 2014

Syria / Iraq Regional War Updates ( December 1 -2 , 2014 ) - Focus on geopolitical items of note for Iraq , Syria and Turkey as well . ISIS shocker for Saudis !


Iraq: 5,640 Killed in November, 465 More on Monday

ISIS Kills 16 Iraqi Troops Along Syrian Border

US Rejects Syria No-Fly Zone, Actively Discussing Buffer Zone

Iran Targets ISIS in Clear Sign of US Cooperation

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: The Executive Summary, 12/2

Moaz al-Khatib advocates direct talks with Assad, including leaving him in place for a while, after visiting Russia

oil exports through revolve budget freeze

BAGHDAD – The Kurdistan Regional Government (KRG) has agreed to export 450,000 barrels per day (bpd) through the Iraqi state oil company SOMO as of next year, in return for its original monthly budget of roughly $1 billion which has been withheld by Baghdad since February.


“Of these 450,000 bpd, 300,000 bpd will be from Kirkuk oil fields and 150,000 from the Kurdistan Region,” said a close aide to the Kurdish delegation that visited Baghdad on Sunday for crucial oil and budget talks.


and agree to prevent chaos in

region and reach an agreement — 's 17% of budget released in return for Kurds exporting 550K barrels of oil.

New Peshmerga group to replace troops in : army

Lebanese military detained wife, son of leader

BREAKING: Baghdadi's wife, detained on Lebanese border, is Syrian and is the chief's second wife: Al Arabiya

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authorities have reported uncovering a large jihadist network working for the

U.S. crude exports to Asia stall on flood of Mideast oil

White House playing NFZ card on Putin-Erdogan beat. This is no way to build credibility or appear serious in region.

Also note that - relations have seen improvement in last few months according to Saudi sources. Could translate in .

PM Haider Abadi: I have proposed the oil from all the northern oil fields to be exported through Region.

statement: Its expected that and to reach a final deal tomorrow.

Kurdish MP: There has not been any leniency by towards the Kurds. When we talked to him it was if we were talking with a "wall."

Kurdish MP: Any deal between and Baghdad would be temporary than strategic because needs Kurdistan now.

MP Zana Rosti: Most of the Arab MPs consider the remaining of the Kurds in Iraq as "temporary."

MP: I believe it would be harder to reach a deal with Haider Abadi than Nuri Maliki. takes...

: 's forced to suspend food aid, warns of ‘disastrous’ impact as winter nears

Iraq PM Abadi: we will go after 'Corruption' no matter who may be behind and we will bring them to justice

Kurdish delegation to : We are determined to reach a 'fair agreement' with Central Government of Iraq which serves both sides

ISF source: Attempts by to arm Iraq Sunnis under 'fighting ISIS pretext' as it currently does in

24 High ranking officers of Iraq Interior (Homeland Sec) Ministry by Iraq PM orders

US opposes Syria no-fly zone 'at this point': White House

Russia to increase gas volumes, cut prices for Turkey: Putin

Putin says Russia cannot currently build South Stream pipeline

President : Turkey, Russia, and Iran must work together

President : has a strong backing in , however we do agree that the things going on there is not normal

President : It is impossible to reach a solution in with the regime

President : I have told President of the magnitude of the crimes and atrocities committed by the regime

President : We have agreed that this must stop, although we differ on how to stop the crimes

CAPTION: Jabhat a-Nusra arrests FSA leader in Rastan, calling him "leader of the corrupt."

REPORT: Jaish al-Islam and Jaish al-Umma accuse regime "agents" of recent assassinations in East Ghouta.