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Sony Hack Situation Escalates ( December 22 , 2014 ) - Suddenly , North Korea appears to have been hacked as internet access has been cutoff - and after all of the threats made , the ball is back in North Korea's Court ..... Like a Bad Hollywood Movie - AXIS OF EVIL - THE SEQUEL ( Russia / China and North Korea coming together to take on the US )

A Suspect Identified ?

New on MoA: Sony Hack - Likely Inside Attacker Found - Obama Claim Discredited -


Later "explanation" of the "evidence" by the FBI was unconvincing. Now a serious security company claims to have identified the real hacker:
Kurt Stammberger, a senior vice president with cybersecurity firm Norse, told CBS News his company has data that doubts some of the FBI's findings."Sony was not just hacked, this is a company that was essentially nuked from the inside," said Stammberger.
"We are very confident that this was not an attack master-minded by North Korea and that insiders were key to the implementation of one of the most devastating attacks in history," said Stammberger.
He says Norse data is pointing towards a woman who calls herself "Lena" and claims to be connected with the so-called "Guardians of Peace" hacking group. Norse believes it's identified this woman as someone who worked at Sony in Los Angeles for ten years until leaving the company this past May.
"This woman was in precisely the right position and had the deep technical background she would need to locate the specific servers that were compromised," Stammberger told me.
The piece also points out that the original demand by the hackers was for money and had nothing to do with an unfunny Sony movie that depicts the murder of the head of a nation state.


Ball now in Court of North Korea.....

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"Costs": North Korean's Internet Is Under Attack

Coincidence? Maybe not. Just hours after President Obama de-escalated himself from war to vandalism on the alleged North korea hacking of Sony, DYN Research reports North Korea's internet connectivity with the rest of the world has been spotty all day. As North Korea Tech blogs reports, North Korea’s Internet connection does suffer from periodic outages. but “I haven’t seen such a steady beat of routing instability and outages in KP before,” said DYN's Doug Madory.

Anti War ....

North Korean Internet Attacked, White House Won’t Comment

DDoS Attack Suspected as Entire Nation's Internet Goes Down

by Jason Ditz, December 22, 2014
North Korean internet connections began experiencing trouble Friday, and it got progressively worse over 24 hours, until finally every single IP address in the nation went down, effectively cutting the nation’s already limited addresses from the Internet entirely. They were down for part of the afternoon, but were up again by Mondayevening.
North Korea isn’t talking, but experts say what happened is consistent with a distributed denial of service (DDoS) attack,except on a nationwide scale.
That their Internet began experiencing problems at the same time as the US began threatening them is immediately suspect, and the White House is officially refusing to comment on the incident.
If confirmed as a US attack, it would be the first time the US has knocked another nation entirely off the Internet through hostile action, though given how small North Korea’s Internet presence is, it isn’t a huge feat.


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HARF SAYS NO INDICATION OF CREDIBLE THREATS TO U.S. ON N. KOREA. Just some hacker booting up his 16Mhz 386 SX

China has reportedly started its own probe to see if North Korea was responsible for the

North Korea wants joint U.S.-North Korean investigation into Sony hack, U.S. calls it "absurd":

BREAKING: We Can Conclusively Confirm North Korea Was Not Behind Hack via . .

Japan & China Won't Blame North Korea For The Sony Hack -