Friday, December 12, 2014

Iraq - Syria Regional War Updates ( December 12 , 2014 ) - Focus on political and battlefield reports touching on Iraq / Syria / Lebanon


Obama Rejects Senate War Bill as 'Too Limiting'

ISIS Leader: 'If There Was No US Prison in Iraq, There'd Be No ISIS'


Understanding the Drivers of Radicalization in | An interview with

Tribal head: ISIS seizes 15 villages in Iraq’s Anbar

: my latest: on Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi & his activities in 2005 following release from Camp Bucca in December 2004

's Cabinet hasn't approved any hostage negotiators: via

ISIS suicide bomber detonates tank in eastern Syria

Hurrah for - oil deal. But what about Article 140, locals say? What happens to Kirkuk? Is it ours?

In , shut down mobile phones. Typical dark humour: let's use pigeons, guys

kidnappings blamed on 'defenders of the city' (militias who want to fight but now turning to crime)