Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Iraq / Syria Regional War Updates ( December 10 , 2014 ) Political state of play ( US domestic politics and international items of note ) , State of play on battlefield , CIA torture update , Lebanon and Israel intrigue , ISIS chemical weapon threat - real or not ?


Obama Wants Options for Ground Troops in Iraq

French 'Khorasan Bomb Maker' Survived November US Strike

Hagel: US Firepower Won't Solve Iraq's Problems


is anticipating a response from after strikes hit its convoy in -

ISF source: defeating ISIS in Tikrit and Mosul could be much earlier than anticipated

Kurdish Region Masoud Barzani attacks 'Sunni Arabs' around Kurdistan region bitterly as 200'000 of them helped ISIS, he said

ISIS commander urges fight against Hezbollah inside Lebanon

More than 700 Iraqi Kurd fighters killed since June ISIS offensive

Iraqi Kurd urges regional rule for Iraqi Sunnis

Syrian rebels say US just pulled the plug on their salaries, citing Nusra gains. Story by my colleague

McClatchy Exclusive: Rebels in northern Syria say U.S. has stopped paying them