Saturday, December 6, 2014

Iraq / Syria Regional War ( December 6- 7 , 2014 Weekend Report ) - Lebanon drawn into Syria campaign as captured soldiers become pawns in confrontation with Al Nusra .... State of play politically ( domestic and Internationally ) , as well as from the battlefields .....

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Bombers Return to Baghdad; 236 Die Across Iraq

Kurdish Region May Seek to Leave Iraq: Parliament Head

ISIS Seizes Part of Key Air Base in East Syria

New US Command Signals Escalation in Iraq, Syria



raqi Housing Minister: has destroyed 65 bridges in north and west . Reconstruction cost could reach $7 billion.

MP urges government to trade wives for captives

child shot dead, camp torched after captive killed

King of urges coalition countries to provide forces fighting in with weapons.

government has been accused of using chlorine gas against militants in an offensive on key air base in the country — .

"I will attack women", senior member al-Shishani warns authorities after wife/children are detained.

Hostages' families panic, block vital highways in

Tensions soar in east after policeman's execution

Miller: Ukraine’s role in transit of Russian gas tends to zero with new pipeline to Turkey

Latest reports from Der Ezzor suggest ISIS has seized several positions inside the military airport, so close to fully capturing it

Nord Stream, pipeline nullify Ukraine's role as gas transit country –

Infrastructure worth $5bln that built in for will be useful for pipeline to

ISIS looks for oil experts to help run important revenue source