Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Iraq / Syria Regional War ( December 31 , 2014 ) - News from the battlefields , political items of note - as well as items touching upon neighboring nations ......


Hundreds Killed During Liberation of Duluiya in Iraq



the Airstrike target Ali Dham School and Social Security PHOTO : FOR Social Security NOW

Image allegedly shows a US-supplied BGM 71E-3B TOW missile system captured by Jabhat al-Nusra in , :

draft budget: no compensation in disputed territories

hostage families meet with health minister, vow discretion

denounces new sanctions against 9 individuals, entities

ISIS conduct 'mass executions' of its own members accused of deserting battlefields in Diyala, Balad & Dulouyia

Syria turns to harsh recruitment measures to boost army ranks via

Iran and Iraq Deepen Defense Ties, Sign Pact via

Dec 30 Coalition Airstrikes in Iraq & Syria via | Map by &

An indicator of desperation in Anbar, anti-ISIL Sunni tribal sheikhs are considering reaching out to Iran for aid.

Islamic State uses US-made anti-tank missile near Damascus: The Islamic State has released photographs showi...