Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Iraq / Syria Regional War ( December 24 , 2014 ) -ISIS claims to down jet piloted by Jordanian near Raqqa....... Battlefield and political reports for Iraq and Syria .....


Pentagon Uses ISIS as Excuse to Hide Abuse Pics


US CENTCOM: A Jordanian F-16 aircraft crashed in the vicinity of the northern Syrian city of Ar-Raqqah on Wednesday

Unconfirmed reports that US alliance airstrikes may have hit Iraqi forces in Baiji

Helicopter with 'US flag' delivers arms and supplies to ISIS controlled area of Yathrib near Balad, locals confirmed

State Department: "The United States is working closely with the Government of Jordan concerning the ...

The man is allegedly a Jordanian Air Force pilot, Muadh Yusuf. IS claims to have shot his plane down with an anti-aircraft missile.

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طيار أردني لم يجد إﻻ مياه الرقة ليستمتع بالسباحة و اﻵن ستداعبه سكين الزرقاوي .. هنيئآ مريئآ

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هل كنت تضن ان الله سيتركك تقتل المسلمين في الليل دون عقاب! القاتل يُقتل

Unverified claims of downed AF F-16 near and post images of pilot capture

Kurds in accuse of allowing IS militants to launch attacks from Turkish territory -

Suicide bomber kills 17 people south of Baghdad

ISIS downs warplane over Syria, claims capture of Jordanian pilot

defends pact with as cabinet approves budget

-led coalition conducted 10 airstrikes on strongholds on Tuesday, destroying several fighting positions —  military.


Jordan to provide training to ISF & tribal fighters in 'full coordination' with Iraq gov

Western weapons go to Barzani's KDP Peshmerga while PUK & others are left out

Diwaniya governor: over 900 security personnel relived from their duties of 'Gov officials protection services' return to their ISF units

Main areas of ISF ops against ISIS are Fallujah, Balad and Areas south of Tikrit

Unconfirmed reports that ISIS began mobilising 'tanks' towards Haditha, US Alliance airsupport 'sits idle'


SF source: Intense fighting in areas of Baiji while others are calm as ISIS try to 'compensate for losses' ... ISF is still in control


SF: Army units, Fed police and Shia Fighters continue to advance in Balad outskirts mainly Yathrib a key ISIS & co hotbed

Have the Kurds cut the ISIL/Daesh State in Two, Blocking Supply Lines?