Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Iraq / Syria Regional Report ( December 3 , 2014 ) - Best collections of links and tweets pertaining to Syria and Iraq Regional Conflicts and Politics !


Iraq’s Ghost Army Patrick Cockburn, Counterpunch

U.S. to Use Psych Tests to Vet Syrian Rebels for Moderateness Peter Van Buren, Firedoglake

US Coalition Brags About ISIS Shutting Cell Phones Off in Mosul

Evening  Tweets....

Just out: The Daily Star for Thursday, December 04

Gunmen Kill at Least Six Lebanese Soldiers in Latest Violence Spillover from Syrian Conflict

: The Executive Summary, 12/3

Morning Tweets.....

ROUNDUP: Regime gains ground in Sheikh Miskeen, reports of the Islamic State in Daraa.

RT--: presides over mtg of anti-ISIL coalition members at NATO headquarters in Brussels, Belgium

Top official confirms release of members

In an exclusive interview with President accuses of providing direct support to .

Airstrikes carried out against has "significantly" damaged the group's capabilities, US Secretary of State says.

to open Consulate General in , region capital.

A woman detained by authorities was not the wife of leader Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi, Iraq's Interior Ministry announced.

ISF source: An overhaul of top brass is imminent

: ISIS & Co use 'large quantities' of poisonous industrial waste to contaminate Tigris river which runs downstream via Baghdad

announces the beginning of a large ops against in to recover Hay al Hoor, Andalusia, Moallimeen and Mal'ab..

GCC countries to launch a joint military command to counter threats from terrorist organizations.