Saturday, December 27, 2014

Greece Presidential Election Update ( December 27 , 2014 ) - Samaras hold press conference with two State TV Employees as Monday looms large !


Greek MSM reporters have their noses so far up political leadership's ass it's hard to tell if they're journalists or proctologists.

Greek PM along with two pet reporters who interviewed him tonight. Hate to think where his hands are.

Greek PM's N. Korean style interview draws the ire of the Greek Twittersphere

The Interview

For those outside Greece, the state run TV channel put in a performance tonight that makes Soviet era Pravda look like Indymedia.

That wasn't an interview of the Greek PM by members of the press,but rather an "royal audience" televised live for the sake of the peasants.

This PM has no vision for the future, no plan to get out of crisis other than following the orders set down by its troika "masters"

No reference by Greek PM to any new plan to get crisis out of its economic down spin, nothing about next round of austerity measures.

30 min "interview" of Greek PM, not a word about record high unemployment, mass exodus of young Greeks or 1 mil unpaid. The Interview II

Greek PM says if there are elections his party will win, "I can feel it, wherever I go" As guy can't go out in public where is everywhere?

Greek PM says that all of SYRIZA's policies are based on unilateral actions that will lead to new bailout and/or bankcruptcy

15 minutes into "The Interview" and 2 reporters have not questioned a single thing Greek PM has said. Pyongyang with added tzatziki

Greek PM now saying that all allegations of attempts to bribe MPs are all fake, both from Independent Greeks and Syriza

Two questions so far to Greek Pm, the reporters sitting like courtiers, hanging on his every word, not a single follow up question.

Let the games begin, Greek PM, whoever doesn't vote for their choice of president is either stupid or "serving other interests"

Oh it's not a speech Greek Pm is having an "interview" with 2 reporters who work for him, sorry state run channel. Circle jerk

Greek Prime Minister: "It's Best For The Country" To Do Away With Democracy

Samaras appeals to MPs ahead of third vote as early elections loom

Greek FinMin calls on Parl’t to vote for a president

Samaras finishes what could be described as a joke interview.

PM Samaras: Syriza program will lead to a credit event for .

Nothing new from Samaras yet. Waiting to see the point of this interview.

PM Samaras: MPs will bear responsibility for political instability if President not elected.

PM Samaras: I'm doing all I can to have a President elected. Greek people do not want snap elections.

poll [KapaResearch/]: Syriza 27.2 (+1.7), ND 24.7 (+2.0), PASOK 6.1 (-0.6), Potami 5.8 (-0.2), ΚΚΕ 5.8, GldnDawn 5.5 (-0.4)

| PM Samaras to hold a presser at 1630 GMT