Saturday, November 15, 2014

Yemen Updates ( November 15 -16 , 2014 ) - Political instability - failure of Gulf Initiative ..... Houthi and Al Qaeda items of note .... UAE designates Terror Organizations including Houthi and AQAP

Sunday Tweets....

Prz Hadi made directives freezing Saleh's and GPC's assets/ bank accounts balances in .

Interior Ministry forms committee to investigate clashes at Sana'a Airport on Nov. 10

Saturday Tweets....

issued a list of terrorist groups including Houthis and Ansar al-Sharia from

Gulf Initiative failed to bring peace to , prompting need for new initiative that is more realistic

condemn decision to list them as terrorist organization, accuse Saleh, son of standing behind decision

: designates Muslim Brotherhood in & in as terrorist organizations.

AQAP affiliate: IS fighters(40ish)has started accuse AQAP of allying w/ "sahawat". Syria scenario repeating in Yemen.

Update on Security Situation in Somalia and Yemen

Houthis capture key district from Al-Qaeda, 35 people dead