Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Libya Updates ( November 11 , 2014 ) Political scene as well as battleground updates in tragically unstable Libya.

Evening Tweets - 11/12/14 ....

Five killed and 21 injured in Tobruk and Beida suicide bombings

MMR official seized in Sirte and maybe murdered

Production fails to start again at Sharer and El Fil

Morning 11/12/14 ......

Scene of the car bomb in Tobruk.

BREAKING: Bomb explosion in Tobruk on busiest road where intelligence HQ is located and parliament.

Confirmed: 's explosion was a suicide bombing. Worrying that it targeted civilians.

Good Morning Libya ....

“From dialogue with boycotting MPs, to dialogue with the expired GNC. 's division game sponsored by UN”: HoR MP

| Preparations underway in for its armed rebellion against the Dawn militias on Nov 15th.

Jihadist groups in , , , & the Arabian Peninsula pledged allegiance to Abubakr al-Baghdadi

Libya AlHurra....

HRW: Libyan authorities should comply with ICC order to surrender Saif Al Islam Gaddafi to The Hague.

HRW: Politically motivated assassinations may amount to crimes against humanity.

resident: "We reject IS being here. We can't come out in public about it." via

Libya Herald....

Over 250 Egyptians out of work as Libyan schools in Egypt close

Al-Awami leads group of former lawmakers rejecting the reconvening of the GNC

Libya Dawn celebrates "victory" in Tripoli but tensions rise ahead of Gharghour anniversary

Another human rights organisation threatened in Tripoli

Fighting continues across Benghazi

Al-Sahari Bank robbed in Tripoli

MAP: the current situation in Libya, including bigger at .

Very comprehensive graphic map on 's situation. Thx .