Thursday, November 13, 2014

Iraq / Syria Regional War Watch ( November 13 , 2014 ) - US now going to focus on removing Assad ( while secretly coordinating with Assad's Military to bomb ISIS in Syria ? ) Daily Updates on the Iraq Battlefield and items of note ( H/T Anti War ) ...... Tweets of the Day !

Anti War......

US Will Focus on Ousting Assad ‘to Defeat ISIS’

US Concedes Initial ISIS Strategy 'Untenable'

by Jason Ditz, November 12, 2014
The Obama Administration today realized what everyone else has known for quite some time, that their strategy in the new ISIS war in simply not working. Unfortunately, they seem to be shifting toward even deeper escalation of the war, particularly in Syria.
Officials are now describing the “Iraq first, then Syria” strategy for destroying ISIS as “untenable,” and while continuing to present the war goal as the destruction of ISIS, they seem to be heading down the road of less direct conflict with them.
Instead, the new Syria strategy appears to be the military removal of Syrian President Bashar al-Assad, even though his forces are the major significant anti-ISIS force inside Syria, and officials now seem to believe that ousting Assad first and cobbling together a new regime from the non-existent “moderate” factions that the Pentagon is supposed to be creating, is the key to the war.
Which is to say that the war is even less tenable than it was before, as between attacks on ISIS, Nusra, and Islamic Front fighters, and now the Assad government, the US is fighting materially all of the combat forces inside Syria at the same time, even the ones that are aligned with their publicly-stated goals.
Sen. Saxby Chambliss (R – GA) cheered the announcement, while pushing for further escalation, insisting the war needed more boots on the ground. Chambliss was similarly vague on how this new strategy would even conceivably work, saying only that the US would have to hope some moderate faction would emerge and benefit the US in some unforeseen way.
The policy, in that regard, isn’t so much changed as simply escalated, as US policy has from the start been to do things that don’t make any sense, and to keep fingers crossed that their war will be won in spite of themselves.

322 Killed in Bombs, Airstrikes Across Iraq
by , November 12, 2014
At least 322 were killed across Iraq today, and 49 more were wounded. Meanwhile, Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi fired 26 Iraqi commanders for corruption and incompetence. Also, Iraq is facing a worsening food crisis and needs support in planning next year’s wheat harvest. The country already imports a significant amount of its wheat, but with many of Iraq’s recently displaced being farmers, that amount could rise dramatically.
In Baghdad, a car bomb followed by a suicide bomber outside the federal police H.Q. in Nisour Square killed 11 people and wounded 21Two bodies were discovered.
Six people were killed and 20 were wounded in a blast at an army checkpoint inYusufiya.
suicide bomber targeting an Iraqi colonel in Diyala killed him and five of his men. At least four personnel were wounded.
Mortars injured four policemen in Jurf al-Sakhar.
In Mosulseven civilians were killed or wounded in a coalition airstrike. Fifteen civilians were killed in a separate strike. Unidentified gunmen killed a militant.
Seventy people were kidnapped in al-Alam and al-Zawiya.
Airstrikes killed 45 militants in Jalawla and Saidiya.
Near Tikrit41 militants were killed in airstrikes.
Airstrikes in Aziz BaladRouacheda and Albu Handhal in Samarra left 37 militants dead.
Twenty militants were killed in strikes near Tal Afar.
Nineteen militants were killed in Mullah Abdullah and Rashad.
Near Baiji13 militants were killed in an airstrike. Forty were killed in separate operations.
Airstrikes killed a dozen militants, including two leaders, near Falluja.
At least 30 militants were killed in the Adhaim Dam region.

Iraq PM Fires 26 Army Commanders for Corruption and Incompetence

Purge After Summer Routs by ISIS Continue

by Jason Ditz, November 12, 2014
Iraqi Premier Hayder Abadi has continued the government’s purge of army commanders seen as responsible for the decisive defeats the Iraqi military suffered at the hands of ISIS over the summer, a policy started by former PM Nouri al-Maliki.
Abadi announced today that 26 military commanders were being fired for corruption, incompetence, or both. This followed a sermon by Iraqi Shi’ite leader Grand Ayatollah Ali Sistani blasted the Iraqi military’s corruption.
Sistani’s sermon blamed corruption for the loss of large portions of the nation’s west to ISIS, and added to the push to speed up a purge aimed at purging the nation’s least competent military leaders.
The question, however, is how many of the purged leaders are actually involved in the fight with ISIS, and how many are being purged for political reasons. Either way, there is a risk that such moves will worsen the already atrocious morale problem in the Iraqi military.

Evening Tweets....

Hagel: Taking out Assad 'won't put ISIL back in the box'

Jabhat al-Nusra eyes Idlib for Islamic emirate

U.S. crude oil hits 4-year low, extends losses

Hezbollah recruits non-Shiites for ISIS fight

finance minister Hoshyar : Sending the salaries of the (KRG) employees is the condition of the visit...

Zebari: delegation will not visit until the salaries of the (KRG) employees delivered.

Just out: The Daily Star for Friday, November 14

Full statement of Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi in English, he is not dead

: Al-Baghdadi urges more attacks on Shiaa, army & security members & crusaders in Arabia.

MAP: Nusra continues its campaign to chase US-backed rebels from Idlib province

NUSRA CLEANSES IDLIB PROVINCE: Nusra and its allies continue campaign against US-backed rebels in Idlib

Iraq Federal Gov to pay Kurdish region $500 million in return KRG commit to exporting 150,000 bpd via Federal Oil Company

Morning Tweets.... Note a blooger from Raqqa may have been arrested by ISIS , no posts have been seen from him since 11/9/14.....

Un-confirmed = ISIS arrested member of ( Team)

Turkey’s reluctance to extend full support to Kobani may not be entirely related to the Kurdish issue -

has more citizens fighting with Islamic militants in and than any other EU country -

oil and gas company MOL will start production in Akri-Bijeel block of region, the company...

Energy in new agreement on two gas fields

leaders in indicate request for more sophisticated arms and military equipment in the fight against from .

Region's premier and 's oil minister hold a meeting to resolve oil-disputes.

Syria rebels in south emerge as West's last hope as moderates crushed elsewhere

Saudi Arabia fighter jets are participating in the alliance airstrikes against in the outskirts of and — Hoshyar Zebari

ISF: 26 relieved of duty 10 sent to retirement 18 reshuffled Overhaul of Senior Milit/ISF Officers by Iraq PM More to come!

Brief review comparing Anbar 03-06 to Anbar 11-14 Many similarities w/tribes, insurgency, Baghdad & US

Profile of Louay Hussein, Syrian opposition leader arrested today in Syria