Saturday, November 8, 2014

Iraq / Syria Regional War Updates ( November 8 -9 , 2014 ) - Nusra aggression against " moderates in Syria continues .... US gearing up to send troops to Anbar as " advisers " .... Is the US negotiating with Iran on ISIS as well as nuclear talks ?

chief ‘critically wounded’ in US air strike on extremist leaders’ convoy – reports

ISF claim responsibility for airstrikes targeting ISIS Caliph Al-Baghdadi. Specialist intel arm 'Falcons Intelligence Unit' issued statement

Falcons Intel Unit FIU - a 'specialist' unit within Federal Intel & Investigation Agency accountable to Interior (Homeland) Ministry

ISF FIU issue details of Al-Baghdadi Op: Time: ~ 12:30pm Date: Sat 8 Nov 14 Location: Qaim - House belongs to Mohanad Al-Hardani (1 of 5)

ISF FIU issue details of Al-Baghdadi Op (2 of 5): Reason for Meeting: Group of Ahrar Al-Sham & others to pay allegiance to AL-Baghdadi

ISF FIU details of Al-Baghdadi Op (3 of 5): 9:44 am - Al-Baghdadi arrives in a Nursery near Al-Kindi school 11 am - Meeting w/ 'leadership'

ISF FIU details of Al-Baghdadi Op (4 of 5): After Lunch all go to Mohanad Al-Hardani house in Qaim >Excessive Security >Snipers >Checkpoints

ISF FIU details of Al-Baghdadi Op (5 of 5): 14 senior ISIS dead 9 injured incl. Explosive Expert + ISIS Spiritual leader Mulla Hamidi

ISF Falcons Intel Unit statement listing those killed in airstrikes on Al-Baghdadi

Anti War.....

Nusra Front Seizes More Villages From Moderate Syria Rebels

Pro-US Rebels Abandon Villages in Face of Offensive

by Jason Ditz, November 07, 2014
The US attacks on Syrian al-Qaeda faction Jabhat al-Nusra distanced them from their former allies in the Syrian moderate rebellion, and those rebels are now paying the price in lost territory, as Nusra treats them as US proxies for the sake of retaliation.
Nusra forces seized four villages in Idlib Province today, allbelonging to pro-US moderate factions, and also seized the town of Minnig in Aleppo Province, on the outskirts of Aleppo City, which was similarly in moderate hands.
The Idlib villages fell with little challenge, as the rebels seek to consolidate their positions and cede their front line villages without much resistance, an admission of Nusra’s tendency to rout them in direct fighting.
There was some fighting over Minnig, though Nusra quickly won the town, and ordered all other rebel factions therein to disband and turn their weapons over to them. How many of those weapons were US provided is unclear, but if history is any indication will be significant.

New US Troops Headed to Iraq Front Line in ISIS-Controlled Anbar

'Advisers' Will Be Embedded in Combat Units

by Jason Ditz, November 07, 2014
Though officials continue to deny that they are intending to launch a ground war in Iraq, they today announced a plan to double the number of US ground troops in Iraq.
Even more troubling, those “advisers” are not going to be simply loitering in Baghdad and Irbil like the previous troops, with some of the troops to be deployed to front line combat zones in Anbar Province.
Gen. Martin Dempsey has been talking up plans to embed the “advisers” into Iraqi combat units, and while they still won’t theoretically be listed as combat troops, the move seems designed primarily to put US troops into combat situations.
ISIS controls at least 80 percent of Anbar. The US has been keen to expand Iraqi ground operations in the province, though ISIS seems like they will be the primary beneficiaries of the embedding, as it will give them opportunities to hit US troops in a way they could not readily do before.

Rice: No US Military Coordination With Iran

Downplays Secret Obama Letter to Ayatollah

by Jason Ditz, November 07, 2014
The Obama Administration is continuing to try to downplay the reports of a secret letter sent by President Obama to Grand Ayatollah Ali Khamenei on the topic of ISIS.
Today it was Susan Rice’s turn to downplay the situation, saying the US was “in no way engaged in any coordination – military coordination – with Iran on countering ISIS.”
Congressional hawks have been condemning Obama for the secret letter, saying it is “outrageous” that Obama would even communicate with Iranian officials, and that it threatened to harm ties with Sunni Arab nations.
Administration officials have not denied that the letter was sent, but have refused to discuss its content, and said their policy toward Iran has not changed. Since this letter is unprecedented, whatever the content their policy clearly did change.

Sunday Tweets... Clear as mud regarding serious wounds  received or death of  ISIS Caliphate Baghdadi ! 

Nope.That Twitter account appears to be fake.

Absolutely no proof he was even there.


: Abu Bakr believed to have been seriously wounded and moved to Syrian territory:

A spate of deadly suicide attacks has created carnage in Iraq this weekend:

commander Mahmoud Sangawi: There is no coordination between us and army for any potential attack on .

Army arrests rebel leader near

US air strike on Islamic State convoy killed leader’s key aide

US air strikes near Mosul destroy Isis convoy but reports leader hit unconfirmed

death rumours centre on confirmed killing of v close aide Abdur Rahman al-Athee (Abu Sajar) in convoy hit near .

Part 2. Abu Sajar was thought to be always by Baghdadi's side. But nothing solid on leader being killed.

More than 1,000 killed in battle for 's : Monitor

Jabhat al-Nusra claims capture of Tel Um Hauran as part of wider FSA offensive that captured Nawa, earlier.

probes chief's fate after airstrikes

OPINION: Can maintain the ‘Caliphate’ without ?

Saturday Tweets.....

PT: Most of the new troops will be forward-deployed to new advise-and-assist ops centers outside of Baghdad and Erbil and new (1/3)

PT: training sites in Anbar, Diyala, and Erbil. US troops have already deployed to al-Asad airbase in western Anbar and (2/3)

PT: Kirkush training base in Diyala. Reports indicate Camp Taji north of Baghdad also the likely site for a new training site (3/3)

PT: Expanded advise and assist mission will cover training of nine ISF brigades and three KRG Peshmerga brigades.

Reports indicate airstrikes targeted meeting of leaders in a house in al-Qa'im, IS western Anbar emir and his deputy reportedly killed.

PT: Only source for the report so far appears to be the notoriously unreliable owned al-Hadath TV:

Unconfirmed reports from claiming leader Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi killed or injured in Coalition airstrikes in al-Qa'im.

US says coalition airstrikes targeted leaders near , without confirming whether al-Baghdadi was killed

Kurdish fighters failed to break siege of Kobani

As battle drags on, fighting in northwest Syria heats up: crisis coverage

US-led air raids hit jihadist-held oil field

Kerry says no link between Iran talks, other Middle East issues

 Top news story

Members of Albu Nimr say other Anbar tribes took part in massacres of their tribesmen