Friday, November 7, 2014

Iraq / Syria Regional War Updates ( November 6 , 2014 ) - ISIS going to go on a " Hard Money " standard ? More US troops off to Iraq - heading into harms way in Anbar ? Al Nusra and ISIS working closer together - will islamist hardliners weed out " moderates ? Tribal battles increase in Anbar - schisms increasing , where might his take things ? Additional items of note to consider ......


official: negotiations with US blocked by Saudi Arabia 

Jihad, by Cruise Ship? ISW's Cafarella-Highly unlikely foreign fighters would attempt 2 enter Syria through seaports.

Only one topic in today's Friday sermons in Mosul's mosques: ISIS wants to restore the golden Dinar and silver Dirham

Members of Albu Nimr say other Anbar tribes took part in massacres of their tribesmen

Admin says new troops won't engage in combat but deployment will include Anbar, 80 % controlled