Friday, November 21, 2014

Iraq / Syria Regional War Updates - November 21 , 2014 - Focus on Battleground updates in Iraq and Syria , the politics of War , items on Jordan , Turkey and Lebanon , a closer look at ISIS and how it is different in approach from Al Qaeda !


ISIS Bombing Extends Reach Into Kurdish Capital

Morning Tweets....

launches airlift to provide displaced people with winter aid in Region — 150,000 people to receive tent insulation kits.

premier vows "any necessary means" for security on visit

In response to whether there are plans to send additional Peshmerga forces to , President Barzani says that depends on circumstances.

The security of is important for , as well as region's security — Turkish Premier says, .

Unlike al-Qaeda, has been able to institutionalize jihad, thus guaranteeing its survival -

Turkey struggling to meet needs of 1.6M Syrian refugees;world’s wealthiest nations dragging their feet

Constitutional Council debates amid protests

arrests Islamist figure over op-ed piece

Suspected fighters open fire at government building in central : local officials