Saturday, November 15, 2014

Iraq / Syria Regional War Updates ( November 15 -16 Weekend Report ) - Battlefield state of play in Iraq and Syria .... Iraq Politics including Oil politics ..... Items of note touching on Turkey and Lebanon .... Louay Hussein charged with " weakening national sentiment " by Syria Judiciary ....

Sunday Tweets ....

A truce with the Assad regime is repugnant -- but is it wrong? The latest from :

New -led strikes on 's : monitor

ISIS claims it has beheaded U.S. hostage Kassig

: 328,086 displaced families (~1,986,516 ppl), in 2,003 locations - via

Siezed Baghdad plane with 40 tons of arms linked to Kudish smugglers part of 300 reportedly arrested in Erbil by KRG

Saturday Tweets....

New on MoA: Obama's Mercenary Attacks On Syria Are Breaking The Law -

parliament has formed a committee to investigate the military commanders that left their post during onslaught of .

— The oil and gas law is inefficient, and should be amended, says Minister of oil Adil Abdul-Mahdi.

-led coalition airstrikes have conducted 19 airstrikes against in , 16 airstrikes in in the past three days —

-led airstrikes conducted eight strikes on terrorist positions in Kharabarut district, north west of .

: We warned that airstrikes are not a solution in , now they are planning to launch ground operations

Top U.S. military officer, General , arrives in

, US agree plan to train 2,000 moderate rebels: report

BREAKING: army breaks siege on refinery: army officer, TV station

Army raids towns in search of wanted suspects

US sees no sign of Nusra-ISIS pact: intelligence chief

Louay Hussein charged with "weakening national sentiment" & put in Adra Prison for this