Saturday, November 22, 2014

Iraq / Syria Regional War Updates ( Weekend Report - November 22-23 , 2014 ) - US by way of Vice President Biden and General James Jones push for Turkey to put boots on the ground in syria ( Turkey steadfastly wants that No Fly Zone and Assad removed ) ... Iraq Sunnis fighting off ISIS , Kurds waiting on promised oil monies from Baghdad ......Updates on the state of play in both Iraq and Syria battlefronts ....

Sunday Tweets...

US air strikes in Syria driving anti-Assad groups to support Isis

forces announce full capture of Jalawla, fighting erupted between the and IS-fighters there in June.

BREAKING: takes family of Iraq’s defense minister captive.

French jets in Jordan to join fight against ISIS: PM

Liberating areas are priority for the Kurdish armed forces — military official tells .

forces have controlled the tower of district from terrorists in .

plans to arm 's Anbar tribesmen in western with AK-47s, grenades and mortar rounds.

militants have shot dead at least 25 people in from the Albunimr tribe, Rudaw has learned.

's Intelligence Chief says as many as 300 Swedes could have joined in /— Anders Thornberg.

U.S. and Turkey discuss transition away from Assad in Syria

Source: Qassem Soliemani said "if one brick of holy shrines in Iraq is damaged, hell breaks loose which dwarves & "

Source: Qassem Soliemani said "I have authority & unlimited budget to provide whatever it takes to defeat ISIS"

A Bigger Threat Than The Extremists: Iraq On Verge Of Economic Collapse?

Saturday Tweets.....

Jabhat al-Nusra spokesman: No Nusra-IS alliance / Nusra will continue to confront US-backed grps:

PT: Word on the ground in , incl from Ahrar al-Sham, is that Nusra is evolving “in the wrong direction” - tensions are slowly rising.

US-led strikes on have killed 910 in since Sept.

Lavrov accuses US of seeking to 'surreptitiously' topple

Sunnis in are failing to find the representation they desperately need as tightens grip on Sunni towns

Locals fear for their life as continues its campaign to force blood-donations for wounded

fighters in .

Rep Ed Royce of California has introduced legislation that would give the authority to ship weapons directly to

to receive first installment of $1 billion from

commander: degraded in but gains are slow

US wants Turkey’s boots on the ground, by

Back to market is winning pre any political proposal; de Mistura claims SAA controls 80% of ..!!