Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Iraq / Syria Regional War Updates - ISIS on the back foot in Iraq , tide turning against ISIS ?


ICYMI: New on MoA: IS Promotes Its Bloody Multinationality - Obama Says Assad Stays -

Kurds seize ISIS arms, buildings in besieged town

Syrian army retakes al-Shaer gas field

President tells requests for heavy weapons to fight have not been met by the international coalition.

Airstrikes in since Nov. 14 carried by US,no mention of regional partners amidst talk of coalition differences

: The Executive Summary, 11/18

Syrian Defectors Watch Civil War From a Camp in Turkey, Growing Out of Shape and Embittered

official: delay will impede recapture from

forced to retreat in crossing — Peshmerga source tells .

Corruption is hampering 's army, as many soldiers pay their way to stay at home -

The Islamic State is warning fighters against using cell phones so planes cannot find them, quotes an Iraqi colonel as saying.

Kurds seize arms near , Syria: activists

Syria Kurds advance in heart of : monitor

ISF: on largest Oil refinery the Baiji refinery as all surrounding areas cleared of ISIS & Co by ISF supported by Shia Fighters

Freed Secured Baiji Refinery, largest Iraq oil refinery (300,000 bpd) & nearby Baiji town (200,000 population) retaken by ISF+Shia Fighters