Saturday, November 29, 2014

Iraq / Syria Regional War Report ( November 29-30 , 2014 Weekend Report ) - Updates on State of play from Battlegrounds in Syria and Iraq , US role continues to expand in Iraq , Turkey complicit with ISIS regarding Kobane attacks of today ? Lebanon in focus as direct negotiation os tap with militants .....Jihad from afar ( Qatar ) more attractive than Jihad up from and personal ) .... Kurdish relations with Baghdad in focus


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More U.S. dishonesty The Daily Star.

Iraq's Sunni Bloc Warns Against Arming Tribes, Militia Groups

Iraqi Airstrike Accidentally Targets Funeral; 40 Killed Across Country

Kobani Surrounded, ISIS Attacking From Turkey

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US Plans to Retake Mosul in January

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The IS Attack on Kobane: Open Source Analysis via

CAPTION: US-led bombing of A-Raqqa follows regime airstrikes killing 100 there last week.

appeals for international help to fight

bloc says "evil" must stop intervening in

Iraq PM : 50,000 'Ghost' soldier purged. (With a cost tag of approx $100 million per month)

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NEW MAPS: 4 Maps for the Situations in NW - NE - SW - SE of ( City) front-lines for 30 November 2014.

New on MoA: Obama Falsely Claims Human Rights Law Does Not Apply To Syrian Mercenary Training -

's council of ministers has not approved the budget for 2015 in a meeting held earlier today — official tells .

30 people were killed by suicide bomb, shell attacks around Syrian city of Kobani

US-led coalition failed to weaken in - Syrian Foreign Minister

Turkey denies ISIS attacking Kobane from its land

launches attack on Kurdish town of from , activists have said attacks are coming from multiple sides — reports.

Situation Map [ Live / Updated Map ] ( 29 November 2014 )

have attacked from the grains silos area located in turkish side of border.

Residents of north town decry enduring blackout via

to hold direct negotiations with militants to release captive servicemen

Delegation from region to have talks with officials on budget, oil and forces.