Friday, November 14, 2014

Iraq / Syria Regional War ( November 14 , 2014 ) Best tweets of the day covering the ongoing Regional war !

Evening Tweets

: The Executive Summary, 11/14

According to interior ministry, two blasts hit the northern , killing over 30 people and wounding 35 others.

Rudaw reporter: IS flies flags over its positions and headquarters to confuse coalition airplanes and avoid airstrikes.

Family of victims protest outside green zone 'demanding justice and news on loved ones fate'

Albu-Nimer Tribe Chief (Sunni): I call on Moqtada Al-Sadr and Hadi Al-Ameri to come to Anbar to save us and our families from ISIS

Extremism threatens all Lebanese, not just Christians: Paoli

NEW MAP: Situation in Northern Province, including the northern side of Area.

Morning Tweets.....

resumes flights on Sunday

general: combat troops being "considered" for battle

Islamic State and al-Qaida Affiliate Reportedly Agree on Plan to Stop Fighting, reports

BREAKING: official says government forces have driven out of Beiji

hits Al-Qaeda militants in for third time