Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Iraq / Syria Regional War and War on ISIS Updates - November 11 -12 , 2014 ( Iraq / Syria / Jordan / Turkey / Lebanon in focus )

Evening Tweets .....

Guys in offices in New York were right all along--> Obama seeks new Syria strategy review to deal with ISIS, Assad

Morning Tweets - 11 / 12 / 14

progress in battle, while UN envoy says cease-fire possible: crisis coverage

warns of "very tough" winter for displaced people in — an estimated 1.9 million have been displaced across Iraq since January.

's PM warns the region would not hand oil control to — Oil can not be exported from without Kurdistan involvement.


Interesting Nov. 11 Iraqi cabinet minute. Includes "Volunteer fighters to enjoy all rights and privileges enjoyed by the armed forces."


Fuad Masum, 's President arrived in Saudi on Tuesday for high-level talks between the two countries.

Fighting rages in southern

Displaced families wait patiently for winter heaters and blankets

said to seize empty homes in

-led coalition airstrikes on in — latest airstrikes in pictures.

ICYMI: Here's Jabhat al-Nusra's big armoured convoy in recently captured Khan al-Subul, :

PT: Convoy included 6+ T-72 tanks, 8+ T-62 tanks, 1 T-55 tank, 1 AMB-S armoured vehicle, 3 BMP-1 APCs & 2 2S1 Gvozdika SPAAGS.

If Ukraine, Libya, Iraq and Syria are any guide, the future of global warfare will be one giant 1980s southern Africa.

trip underlines 's continuing role

Evening Tweets- 11 / 11 / 14 ...


t is a matter of when and not if rebel-held east falls to the regime -

Rudaw reporter on Kobane border: Three civilians killed and 18 others wounded by bombardments in south of...

reporter: Four killed and 15 others wounded by the explosion of two car bombs in north and east of on Tuesday

1013 people have been killed in , including 609 fighters and 363 fighters, AFP reported.

Al Jazeera: Commander of the Revolutionary Military Council in reject proposed truce by -regime

Morning Tweets.....

ROUNDUP: Douma residents protest rebels, Aleppo FSA leader refuses UN "freeze" in fighting.

troops in 's Anbar as anti-ISIS campaign expands

emir: Airstrikes against not enough

Syria Kurds 'recapture' areas of from

's Islamist groups refuse to label terrorist, and reject the US-led war against the group -

A Syrian doctor tells the story of his flight to Lebanon, and the difficulties he, and many others, face

Ministry of Interior says the leader of , Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi has been injured, and transferred to .

Islamic rebel leader brands 's Kurdish defenders as enemies

has carried out its first drone attack on near Baiji, one of 's oil refineries — British Minister of Defence has announced.

Thought provoking plan by to accept dark realities & divide along current battle lines.

50 US military advisors arrive at Al-Asad...US troops now back in

European banks accused of facilitating Iran-backed attacks on US troops in Iraq

Jabhat al-Nusra images show powerful armoured convoy in newly captured territory in , ("land of Islam"):

KDP and PUK leaders accused of oil and gas trading with the ISIS enemy

Militias accuse Sunnis of supporting insurgency Destroying homes arresting beating & disappearing civilians too

INTERVIEW: 'I have to choose between buying wood and food.' Inside Douma, which has no access to electricity, water.

ROUNDUP: Islamist leader found dead; Iranian engineers assassinated; FSA captures supply point in Daraa; Fealty to IS