Thursday, November 20, 2014

Iran Nuclear Talks Update ( Present Deadline is November 24 , 2014 ) - Secretary of State John Kerry joins talks in Vienna - by flying in , Kerry has now elevated urgency of talks and may imply a potential break through could be at hand ...... Arak still as sticking point as Iran refuses to budge on its position there ..... Amid optimism ( Iran ) and pessimism ( US and UK ) , stay tuned as the talk wind down to November 24th !

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Is Iran's 'Dark Knight' supporting the nuclear talks?

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Don't let walk away from the table, do a deal now, writes Gary Sick

BREAKING: US official says Kerry to travel to Vienna to join Iran nuclear talks as deadline looms:

IRGC commander says a nuclear deal would not be a retreat from 's revolutionary values -

refuses to give ground on key Arak reactor

Britain 'not optimistic' on Iran nuclear talks

Iran’s nuclear talks: will negotiators reach an agreement? What you need to know: Pic: Reuters

Iran nuclear talks again stuck on Arak reactor's future, official says

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