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Fukushima Nuclear Disaster News ( November 9 -14 , 2014 ) - Recent items of note on Fukushima nuclear plant status , radiation contamination concerns ( consider North American concerns , thyroid cancer concerns ) ..... H/T to Energy News , Simply Info and Fukushima Diary for their reporting !

Fukushima Diary....

Groundwater coming up in seaside of Reactor 2 again / Overflowing up-ground around 18th December: The groundwa...

Thyroid abnormality found among 63% of children in 5 prefectures of Kanto area: Thyroid abnormality was found ...

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Contaminated Was Found In Right After The Meltdowns

Publishes Arrogant Press Release To The On

Mushrooms Still As High As 102,900 Bq/Kg

Greenpeace Survey Finds Unsafe Radiation Levels In

Energy News..... Japan in focus !


TV: Attempt to stop flow of highly radioactive liquid at Fukushima “in doubt” — AP: Much of it is pouring in trenches going out into Pacific — Experts: Amount entering ocean “increasing by 400 tons daily” — Problem “so severe” it’s consuming nearly all workers at site — Top Plant Official: “Little cause for optimism” (VIDEO)

Fukushima Student in Documentary: “Japan is clearly going insane, it seems like we are about to get killed” — “Nothing has gotten better… Our government abandoned us… Anyone, please, please save the lives of Fukushima people and children” (VIDEO)

Japanese doctors threatened for revealing data on how bad Fukushima-related illnesses really are — Gundersen: We had pregnant sisters in Tokyo deliver two dead babies and one with deformities that’s alive; Gov’t refuses to disclose miscarriages or stillbirths around Fukushima (AUDIO)


NYTimes: Doctors want ban on thyroid cancer screenings — “A tsunami of thyroid cancer… Stop the diagnosis… We need to actively discourage early detection” — WSJ: Judge rules nuclear reactors causing thyroid cancers — Study: Fukushima-related tumors can spread very fast, must be closely monitored

Nuclear Expert: Fukushima is a pretty close approximation of ‘The China Syndrome’; Melted fuel cores burned through containment vessels and material is below reactor structures mixing with groundwater — Essentially it’s a machine that’s washing radioactivity into the sea (AUDIO)

Emergency radiation testing used at Democrat and Republican conventions after Fukushima; Also for Obama Inauguration — Seafood, meat, vegetables, milk, water checked for nuclear waste, while top officials agree to publicly downplay crisis — 80% of milk samples by Orlando, FL had ‘significant’ Cs-137

TV: “This is really kind of scary… a grim reality” for West Coast — Alarm as baby whales keep dying; Since 2011 none have survived over a year — Biologist: We see them pregnant for weeks, then no longer pregnant — NOAA: “Not what we’re used to… Incredibly poor condition… Skeleton with skin” (VIDEO)

‘Mysterious Phenomena’ off U.S. West Coast: Fish disappeared, whales nearly absent, no krill, high rates of egg failure among birds — California Fishermen: “There’s almost nothing there, just a lot of warm clear water”

Food products ‘heavily contaminated’ by Fukushima found in US; Over 30,000 pCi/kg of cesium, also had Cobalt-60 and Antimony-124 — FDA: We found no Fukushima contamination in US food supply during routine monitoring

Simply Info .....

3 Workers Injured At Fukushima Daiichi, 1 In Critical Condition

Three workers were injured when steel construction materials for tanks at Fukushima Daiichi fell on them. One is in the hospital in critical condition. One with a possible broken leg. Details available here  Read entire article »

All Spent Fuel Out Of Fukushima Daiichi Unit 4

All Spent Fuel Out Of Fukushima Daiichi Unit 4
TEPCO announced they have removed all of the spent fuel from unit 4. They did not provide details about the removal of the damaged assemblies in the pool but claim only the unused fuel assemblies remain. Those unused assemblies will eventually be moved to the unit 6 spent fuel pool for storage. This ends the tense issue of the unit 4 … Read entire article »

Fukushima Unit 2 Subdrain Has Larger Problem

Fukushima Unit 2 Subdrain Has Larger Problem
In recent weeks TEPCO began reporting about high radiation readings in subdrain pits near the reactor buildings. TEPCO’s original intention was to begin using these to draw out contaminated water, treat this water and release it to the sea. The subdrain pits existed before the disaster to keep groundwater from infiltrating the reactor building basements. TEPCO noted that the subdrain pit wells in … Read entire article »

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