Tuesday, November 25, 2014

America having its MENA moment ? November 25 , 2014 - How long before the World Press focuses on " America Winter " ?


Seems similar to protests in Egypt , Libya and Syria at the onset.....

Protesters are flooding streets across the U.S. as dismay spreads coast to coast:

protesters have completely shut down the highway and all traffic between downtown and west side. This is huge.

FURY Report: Angry protesters reach headquarters in

The Denver Post Denver marchers join in Ferguson protests The Denver Post About 300 protesters…

Protest over Ferguson blocks Houston traffic - : Chron.comProtest over Ferguson blocks Ho...

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More than 130 protests had been planned around the U.S. on Tuesday, in more than 30 states:

: Minneapolis right now; . via



Thousands of people in every single direction taking streets of boston.

Cops grabbing people trying to pass through police lines & throwing them around at demo on Michigan ave

: Police arresting protesters on downtown connector in Atlanta. via

: NYPD In riot gear, ordering protesters to leave Times Square, scene tense. via

| : FDR shut down in New York City for . via

Scenes from tonight's rally in downtown . via