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Ukraine / Russia situation ( October 14 , 2014 ) - As West not successful in persuading russia from backing off ( Syria , Iran , Ukraine ) , brent being crushed to try to break Russian will ? Meanwhile in Kiev. rumbling beginning .......

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Dear friends,
I want to share with you two very interesting articles.
The first one was originally posted in the Oceania Saker Blog.  Written by Alexander Latsa, a Russian analyst, and entitled “Russian Demographics: Winter or Spring, depending on whether the analysis comes from the West or from Russia itself“, it takes a close look into the topic of Russian demographics.
The second one was posted on the website No Bread and Circuses for You. Written by NoBC4U, a person with first hand knowledge of the topic, and entitled “Even USAID Partners can’t cover-up the stench coming out of Ukraine“, it takes a close look at the Ukrainian public opinion. 
I highly recommend the reading of both of these excellent analyses.
The Saker

Zero Hedge.....

Crude Crashing: Brent Is Most. Oversold. EVER

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Yesterday we lamented the ridiculously oversold levels in West Texas Intermediate, which as BofA calculated, has hit "oversold" levels for only the third time in six years. We assumed that this could be the basis for a short-term rebound. We were wrong, because we clearly had no idea just how determined the Saudis are to crush Putin into the ground courtesy of plunging oil prices.
As of moments ago, WTI has tumbled nearly $4, some 5%, to just over $81...

... which just goes to show how idiotic any reliance on charts is in a centrally-planned world, in which commodities are nothing but political weapons. Bottom line: based on its weekly RSI chart, WTI has just hit the most oversold levels since Lehman.

But to our rather great dismay, what is gong on with Brent turned out to be far worse, and as the weekly RSI indicator shows the selloff in Brent is now the worst, well, ever!

In other news: Andrew Hall, our condolences.

OPEC Members' Rift Summarized (In 1 Simple Chart)

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With oil prices crashing, as various OPEC members (cough Saudi Arabia cough) turn the screws on each other, we thought (after showing the US domestic pain) the following chart from The Economist would provide more context for which nations are feeling the most (and least) pain...

h/t @TheEconomist via @RANsquawk
So it appears Russia is now in the red.
But, And as Goldman Sachs notes, despite the great efforts of the Sauds and Obamas to bring down the House Of Putin, Russian bond and equity prices, and the fiscal and external balances, are now less vulnerable to oil price shocks:
we conclude that the recent decline in oil prices is unlikely to have been the main factor driving Russian asset prices given that:

(i) Russian assets have significantly underperformed those of other commodity-linked economies;

(ii) high-frequency correlations between Russian asset prices and the oil price had fallen to close to zero in the recent past;

(iii) with the Ruble now being flexible and the correlation between capital outflows and the oil price being highly positive, the oil price should matter less for the real economy than it did in the past.

With the exchange rate being flexible, the Russian authorities will be able to use monetary policy in particular but fiscal policy as well to counteract the impact of the terms of trade on growth. This should lower the correlation between bond prices and equity prices in times of sharp moves of oil prices.


Putin, Poroshenko reiterate readiness to continue exchange of opinions at ASEM summit

Meeting with Kerry was useful -Lavrov

Compromise on agreement on Iran’s nuclear programme possible by November 24 - Lavrov

, discussed steps on reconciliation of crisis in Southeastern Ukraine by phone: Kremlin

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Ukraine acts against corruption, protests mar election run-up

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Masked men wielding makeshift weapons clash with riot police in Kiev:

Ukrainian most-out-of-closet Nazis have organized a 20,000 demonstration and protests today in Kiev. They demand...