Saturday, October 4, 2014

Revisiting " forgotten news " October 4 , 2014 ( Malaysian Airline Flight 370 , Malaysia Airline Flight 17 , Newtown Shootings , Boston Bombings ) ....... Just the News and Views that might have passed by without being noted !

Into the worm hole.....

Malaysian  Airlines Flight 370 Disappearance .....

Why has no one bothered to raise the airliner wreckage in the Bay of Bengal? . Isn't this news that should be checked?

Hunt for Malaysia Airlines Flight 370 resuming after 4-month hiatus.

With huge area mapped, hunt for Flight MH370 to resume -

MORE: Russia-NATO cooperation could have helped crash investigation - Diplomat

Russia submits questions on MH17 crash to UN Security Council

Analysis of the reasons for the crash of flight by Ivan A. Andrievskii | 27 Sept 2014

Newtown Shootings....

.: Ed. Dept. Gives Newtown $3.1 Million to Aid in Aftermath of School Shooting

‘Miscommunications’ followed Newtown school shooting, parents say

Feds say Veneuzuelan man made threatening phone calls to Newtown residents days after Sandy Hook school shooting:

Boston bombings......