Friday, October 24, 2014

MH 370 Update ( October 24 , 2014 ) Media attention long gone as Ebola , Wars of the week , Sport Game of the Day - suck the spotlight away ....... The pain of families is not forgotten !

From the one and only Luther - bring those men , women and children home .....


Why is asking Indonesia 2 watch its shore 4 debris? (pic=plastic drift courtesy )
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A final for efforts a/o today. White = Topo scan; Green = Sonar; shaded = less likely area; Blue + Red = Arc.

MH370: No confirmation plane debris found in Indonesia, says Transport Ministry

Wreckage from missing MH370 jet 'most likely to wash up on Indonesian coast'

Yes the search goes on . will b leading a delegation to Bejing very soon.

Malaysia optimistic on efforts to locate MH370
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Hunt for missing MH370 flight to take many more months