Saturday, October 25, 2014

Libya Updates October 25 - 26 , 2014 -- ISIS Allies Carving Out Territory in Eastern Libya Jaish al-Islam Calls on Derna Locals to Back ISIS ...... Status of fighting in Benghazi updated , Tripoli status updated ....... Is Libya a " Proxy War " ?

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Western mountain military operations under Chief of Staff, not Hafter or Zintan

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Misratan force slips by Tebu road block and is close to Obari

House of Representatives selects committee members to monitor the government

Dignity spokesman urges the tribal elders to turn in their Islamist fighters

Islamist send another message for Haftar, they are still controlling 17th February base in , today

A report that "Dawn of Libya" bombed a runway in Zintan with a L39 jet.

Finally an article that makes sense “: Telegraph: has become the latest ISIL conquest

The bodies of executed citizens are being found in abandoned buildings which are located in (former) Ansar Sharia strongholds.

Dire situation in kikla as scores are trapped in need of urgent medical care. Please RT

's House of Representatives considers moving to its original venue in in light of the recent advances by the National Army.

FM Dayri: "In , there is strife relating to power and resources. There, we would not like to pursue a military solution.

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ISIS Allies Carving Out Territory in Eastern Libya

Jaish al-Islam Calls on Derna Locals to Back ISIS

by Jason Ditz, October 24, 2014
Would-be ISIS affiliate the Jaish al-Islam has been carving out a territory of its own along the eastern Libyan coast over the past few weeks, and admonishing residents of their largest city, Derna, to throw their weight behind the ISIS Caliphate.
Libya is falling apart with a collection of rival militias both Islamist and secular taking over various cities and regions, and the government itself controlling little more than a hotel at the town of Tobruk.
Most of the cities are de facto independent entities at this point, and as the government pushes for Western intervention, many of those factions are likely to look to affiliate themselves with regional organizations like ISIS.
No group is bigger or more successful in this regard than ISIS, and while it might make groups like Jaish al-Islam more likely targets, it also makes them much, much higher profile than their comparatively small territory would otherwise be.