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Iraq / Syria War ( Weekend Report - October 11 -12 , 2014 ) Even as the US pushes for Turkey to become active in the Anti ISIS Coalition , Turkey stands firm on its three conditions regarding participation ( two of which are the no fly zone and buffer zone inside Syria ) .... State of play in Kobane , State of play in Iraq ( note the ground swell for US / Coalition boots on the ground )

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US in secret ISIS Deal - with Turkey and Iran ???

Tweets - 10/12/14...

Boot Camp in , training foreign fighters smuggled via 's Corridor. F-16 cannot see them!

to capture within days, Kurdish lawmaker predicts /via


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governor rejects formation of provincial guards, saying that Kirkuk is the most protected province despite threats.

Iraq ground role likely for US military advisors: Dempsey

Kurdish source in tells me: 'Many ISIS forces around Kobane now. FSA must use this &start fighting ISIS esp in Tal Abyad &Jarablus.

update: 4 coalition airstrikes 2day inside the city against ISIS. 2 in industrial zone East part town. 2 in area of police station.

'nin doğu ve guneyinde çatışmalar sürüyor

In New Setback for Obama, Iraqi Cities Escape Into Syria. RT A visual guide to the crisis in Iraq and Syria

pours in reinforcements to 's : Monitor

Iran warns of risk to Israel's security should US seek overthrow of Assad

. weighs in on why is gaining ground – and so hard to beat

reported banning tankers for carrying crude.

rounds up conscripts for battle against .

military jets have dropped aid to army in area where heavy clashes between the Iraqi army and...

" will not fall," Syrian leader vows.

is trying to convince and to join the -led coalition against , FM Frank-Walter...

— Anbar Police chief Saddak al-Dulaimi killed following an explosion in — State TV reports.

mayor: soldier who defected to 'mentally unstable'

Tweets - 10/11/14

update: Fighting was yesterday mainly in East of town. Today ISIS offensive came from West. Trying to find gap in YPG defense lines.

Update: Coalition planes now in the air bombing ISIS positions. At least 3 confirmed strikes in last hour - Eyewitness.

RT : dispatch of fighters from province managed to break through to , helped to push back .

Big implications on ISIS fight in : capturing it would place a 500km stretch of the Euphrates valley under ISIS control.

The commander of ISIS offensive on Kobane is a Kurdish from Halabja (The city Saddam attacked with chemical weapons)

New ISIS video, "Blood of Jihad" outlines training given to c.250-300 new recruits in Ninawa, .

PT: Note that ISIS appears to be using US Army tenting in the training camp shown in new video

ISIS say they have shot down a US drone near Ramadi. Looks like it. Anyone know what it is?


Kirkuk city under attack

ISIS amassing forces to attack Kirkuk City from three axes per sources: داعش-يحشد-للهجوم-على-كركوك-والقوات-

: fighters visible on live stream trying to encircle in northern part of town.

This new plume is purportedly from a Daash suicide attack in central

2day Kurds on their own. Only 1strike. I hear heavy streetfights west . Fighter tells me: 'some hope town falls 2 ISIS. Not so fast!'

My view on . Relatively quiet now. Can hear gunshots. Weather terrible. Sandstorm. Bad 4 planes. 1 strike 2day

New clashes about control of ' border-crossing to

provincial official says now controls 80 percent of the province--'s largest

regime ‘freely’ kills in several cities

Peace cannot come back to in the absence of a comprehensive roadmap |DS Editorial Board

has 3 demands: no-fly zone, safe zone and training and assisting the Syrian opposition

In addition to 2FSA units in , 2more FSA units fight w\ypg in vicinity acc 2 FSA source. Names: Jund AlHaramayn &Liwa Thwar Raqqa

Source: 2units of Free Syrian Army (FSA) fight along kurdish YPG forces in . FSA units: Shams AlShamal (sun of North) &AlAkrad Front.

Source in tells me: General commander of all kurdish forces defending city against ISIS is female. Her name: Nalin Afrin.

Acc to source, female General commander of kurds in is v. committed. She believes there is still chance to push ISIS out of town.

'Coalition strikes v.helpful yesterday' Chief tells me. ISIS was stopped at police station (security zone). 'Our pple are 100m away'

PBS NEWSHOUR VIDEO: Can Airpower Alone Stop Advance Of Islamic State Militants

A Kurdish Alamo: Five Reasons the Battle for Matters by Katherine Wilkens

girl tells of captivity with

mayor says UK monitoring thousands of terrorism suspects

Provincial council of 's Anbar province submits official request asking for US ground troops to fight ISIS, al-Sharqiyah TV reporting

US military believes half of Iraqi army incompetent as key province poised to fall

In battle against Kurds, is it AKP's policy to back IS?  via

reportedly controls 35-45% of Kobani, including the YPG HQ in the town center, using motorcycles to move around to avoid airstrikes.

Video from pro- al-'Amaq news shows intense urban combat, house-to-house fighting in Kobani:

fighters struggle to maintain -

ISIS militants execute , 12 other people -

The has warned that 's fall could be another , 1995 massacre where international efforts failed to stop 's war.

Demonstration in The , Netherlands, — Dieko Mirza.

Pro-Kurdish protests in , against and in solidarity with .

Protests in , against onslaught of .

protest in downtown San Francisco, urging US President to stop militants and save .

ISF source: Saddam army officers+Snr Ba'this. received Gov monthly payments via 'reconciliation' prog are the 'Backbone' of ISIS Ops

Doesn’t matter to the US. The anti- coalition has one goal: save via

's top General not attending Pentagon's anti- coalition meeting headed by Dempsey in DC.

ISIS does not control border crossing with . ISIS trying to capture it but Kurdish YPG still holding out there. Source

New on MoA: War On Syria Spills Into Neighbor Countries - Lebanon Now In Serious Danger -

Anti War....

Rep. McKeon: Generals Want Ground Troops for Iraq War

Insists Ground Troops Are Necessary for Conflict

by Jason Ditz, October 10, 2014
According to House Armed Services Committee chairman Rep. Buck McKeon (R – CA), the generals in charge of the new US war in Iraq have been pushing hard for President Obama to agree to an outright ground invasion of the nation.
“Our military commandershave all laid out scenarios where we need more troops,” McKeon insisted, adding that they have warned “if we don’t put boots on the ground, we can’t form the coalition.”
Obama has been clashing semi-publicly with the Pentagon for about a month on the question of ground troops, as the president tries to insist an unpopular ground war is not even being considered, and generals continuing to treat it as all but inevitable.
Rep. McKeon is an outspoken hawk on the matter, but the fact that he is being used as a sounding board for the Pentagon’s desires for escalation of the ISIS war is a sign that, despite the administration laying out the war as a many year campaign, the generals are getting itchy trigger fingers on adding the ground component.

In Abu Ghraib, ISIS Fighters Eight Miles From Baghdad Airport

Shoulder-Fired MANPAD Missiles Could Threaten Planes

by Jason Ditz, October 10, 2014
Though it is still nominally controlled by the Iraqi military, the key Baghdad suburb of Abu Ghraib continues to have a significant ISIS presence, meaning the fighters are just eight miles away from the runways of Baghdad Airport.
It’s not ISIS’ first attempt at taking Abu Ghraib, as they made a serious push back in April which forced Iraq to close the notorious prison there. Yet with a US air war now underway, the situation could be quite different.
ISIS now not only has the anti-aircraft weapons the Saudis provided to various Syrian rebel factions, but also everything they looted in the takeover of Mosul. That means, just a stone’s throw from the airport, they have shoulder-fired anti-aircraft missiles capable of downing the airliners.
That could be a game-changer for the US war in Iraq, as many of the ground troops deployed to Baghdad are nominally there to ensure control of the airport and the corridor between it and the US Embassy. That may not mean much if ISIS starts shooting down the planes.
US airstrikes in the area have focused on the outskirts of Ramadi and Fallujah, the major Anbar cities, but ISIS continues to advance down the highway, once again underscoring how little the war is accomplishing.