Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Iraq / Syria Regional War Updates ( October 21 , 2014 ) - Focus on Turkey , Northern Iraq and Northern Syria

Evening tweets.....

Just published: The Daily Star for Wednesday, October 22

Pentagon says Islamic State fight has cost $424 million since Aug. 8

Situation in Syrian city Kobani remains 'tenuous': Pentagon

Great piece from a few days ago, battle of wills between Kurds and Bagdad goes on

: Important update from doctor to follow in coming tweets following reports of unconfirmed chemical attack by ISIS in city.

Islamic State fighters seize US weapons airdrop meant for Kurds hand grenades, ammunition & RPGs

Collapse of Iraq's economy due to violence untold story of country right now

Food insecurity & unemployment growing in Diyala due to on going fighting

INTERVIEW: "Deir e-Zor Under Fire" campaign reports Islamic State, regime abuses and coalition bombings. Read here:

Security sources: Three rockets landed on the premiership building in Bundqya area within the Green Zone,...

parliament to approve Peshmerga deployment in

Press Secretary: combat units will not be deployed in Anbar and there would not be joint operation center in .

Press Secretary: 1100 missiles to to be delivered in November. The has a robust trade relationship with

Fierce fighting erupted north of the Syrian town of Kobani with ISIS militants launching an offensive “on all fronts”

The U.N. says it would offer humanitarian assistance for a proposed “safe zone” inside ,

Morning Tweets of note.....

leader expresses gratitude for weapons received from region to combat in .

advanced into Qara Tappa disguised as Peshmerga, Kurdish security sources reveal.

U.S. approves sale of $600 million in tank ammunition to Iraq — Reuters

PM in for crisis talks on

to Islamist militants: Die or retreat

Medicine allowed into encircled Al-Waer "once a month," passes through a series of backroom deals before reaching citizens, says activist.

ROUNDUP: Kobani aid arrives, SRF takes out activist, Regime severs Jobar supply line, Water crisis in Hama

not terrorist under law, should provide them support: State Department

Trying to understand what is doing about the - by

Trying to understand what is doing about the - by