Sunday, October 5, 2014

Hong Kong Protests for Democracy ( October 5 , 2014 ) - The themes at present seem to include : what are the present goals and agenda of the protesters ; the growing counter protests from mainland supporters , retailers and businesses facing ongoing disruption ; gauging whether the Government and Police warnings that the protests have to end this evening are serious and just how far will they go to clear the streets and regain some sense of order ?

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Revisiting Hong Kong Balding’s World

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Protesters in Admiralty divided as time runs out on CY Leung's demand

MongKok rising from a quiet night

Last 100 or so guarding the barricade at the Chief Executive Office - day 8 3:20am

LIVE: Student group 'preparing' for dialogue with Carrie Lam (Pic: Dickson Lee)

LIVE: factions announce retreat from key sites - but many still standing their ground

LIVE: Occupy protesters jittery after strong words from government determined to get city up and running

LIVE Anti-Occupy Central demonstrator scales Hong Kong bridge demanding roads are re-opened

Hong Kong's retailers take a big hit from mass protests that brought the city to standstill

BREAKING: Hong Kong government says it will meet with student leaders if blockades are removed

'They're peacefully molesting you': Chow Tai Fook official mocks Occupy sexual assault cases

Art from the Hong Kong protests tells a beautiful story of the democracy fight. by

Scrutinized for Handling of Pro-Democracy Protests, Police Have Own Troubles

Leung Chun-ying's advisers the latest to call on protesters to clear the streets

Police tight-lipped when asked about possible plans to clear by tonight

JUST IN: protesters vote to withdraw from Lung Wo Road near government HQ

UPDATE: Hong Kong protesters agree to remove some barricades from areas blocked during occupy central - our producer is on the ground

rally zones shift as protesters in Mong Kok plan to leave and head to Admiralty