Saturday, September 20, 2014

Yemen success story unraveling ( September 20 , 2014 ) Yemen's Houthi rebels capture State TV today as fighting occurs in Sanaa !

Tweets - Sunday

The situaiton in 's capital is changing fast - rebels have taken control of govt buildings & radio station.

rebels have seized control of Military HQ& 's premiership,the state-run TV & radio & several military bases in -disorder

Iranian-armed Houthi rebels take over key institutions in 's capital . Govt.deploys forces.

Complete absence of any statement whatsoever by President Hadi or any of his 35 Ministers about this Sanaa capital at war thing.

I wake up and the first thing I hear is another large explosion in capital Sanaa. No breakfast in the garden today.

Renewed Yemen clashes kill at least seven and keep planes grounded

Air strikes witnessed to the west of Sana'a this morning. I suspect targeting Houthi re-supply route.

Smoke going up from former 1st Armoured Div. camp area in northwest Sana'a, 07:05 local as fighting continues

Tweets- Saturday ....

: Huge explosion rocked the entire Madbah and 60 Meter Road near the Faculty of Medicine...

: Violent clashes and explosions rocked the vicinity of the 1st Armored Division, followed by machinegun exchange.

So glad to hear that the government has reached an agreement with rebels

Yemen TV right now, after Houthis captured the headquarters in Sanaa

Clashes in Sanaa again, it doesn't seem that the Cease fire was able to stand

: Houthis reportedly took control of the Shura Council compound, which is on Amran St, near TV compound.

Yemen TV building on fire as clashes continue in Sanaa

there was no ceasefire agreement and definitely not with unfinished business

Yemen's Houthi rebels advance into Sanaa: Fierce battles between army and rebels continue for third day in the...

A photo by Essam Alkamaly for a Yemeni soldier killed in Sanaa by Houthi fighters