Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Libya Updates ( September 23 , 2014 ) -- Political intrigue and actual fighting between Libyan power brokers / tribes / jihadists and the non jihadists , more mystery air strikes in Tripoli ( Egypt Calling ) , the future of Syria unfolding before our eyes ?


Uprising against Islamists begins in the capital of Libya

 September 24, 2:48 UTC+4
Aircraft pound Islamist positions
CAIRO, September 24. /ITAR-TASS/. In the Libyan capital, an uprising against Islamist forces, which control it, began on Tuesday. The satellite-aided television channel Sky News Arabia reported that all areas of Tripoli rose up in the fight against the militants.
Besides, according to Al-Arabia, the principal city of the country was subjected to an intensive bombardment. Aviation delivered at least six strikes against the positions of the radical alliance "Dawn of Libya" in the capital's south. It is reported that the Islamists sustained great losses and several armoured vehicles used by them were destroyed.
According to the incoming information, Prime Minister Abdullah Abdurrahman Al-Thani declared a call-up "in response to an appeal from Tripoli residents to free them of the militants".

Libya Herald and various other tweets........

Dr Faraj Khalifa al-Kizza, a federal activist & AGOCO executive, was assassinated earlier tonight in

Sources: Slain Cmdr, Saleem Bayou, was in charge of a radicalization center in , .

6 assassinations in another bloody day in today. 2 officers, solider, activist, a citizen & chairman of gulf oil company.

Happening NOW : heavy fighting, including air bombardment on the outskirts of ,

BREAKING:Colonel 'Idres Madi' commander of military operation room in west confirms that army is on the outskirts of .

-n warplanes target sites of Dawn militias inside , says al-Arabiya TV

Al Arabiya al Hadath reports that Fajr Libya forces withdraw from Alaziziya area of

Joint statement against outside interference in Libya, confirms parliament is Libya's recognised authority.

Libya parliament finally approves new cabinet.No defence minister named.

Benghazi violence: assassinations and lawlessness as Benina clashes continue

UNSMIL: Warring parties invited to begin negotiations on 29 September

Foreign Ministry HQ “handed over” to National Salvation “Go

Foreign Ministry HQ “handed over” to National Salvation “Go

New Thinni government finally approved

Libya facing $13 billion deficit

Hassi’s rival Tripoli government seizes control of the Ministry of Oil, as production falls