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Iraq / Syria Regional War - September 7 , 2014 ---- Most recent internal and external political items , battlefield updates on the Regional War and opinions to ponder.....

President: Iraq Needs International Aid, Not Presence of Foreign Military

Topic: Violence Erupts as Islamic State Rises

Iraqi President Fuad Masum says that Iraq needs qualified international aid, not the presence of foreign military to combat the Islamic State.
13:34 07/09/2014
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DUBAI, September 7 (RIA Novosti) - Iraq needs qualified international aid, not the presence of foreign military to combat the Islamic State (IS) militants, Alsumaria TV reported, citing Iraqi President Fuad Masum.
"Iraq does not require the presence of international anti-terrorist forces, Iraq needs international assistance: experience, knowledge, weapons," the Iraqi leader said.
However, Masum stressed that Iraq "is aware that it should not simply expel extremists from its territory, but to completely destroy them, so as not to export terrorism to neighboring countries in the region."
The Islamic State, ISIS, is a Sunni extremist group formerly known as the in Iraq and Syria, separated from al-Qaeda and started fighting the Syrian government in 2012. In 2014, they launched an offensive on Iraq and captured vast territories there, proclaiming an Islamic caliphate in June 2014. The organization has since become infamous for its brutality and commitment to radical Islam.
Thousands of "infidels" - the Shiites, the Christians, the Yazidis – have already been killed by the IS militants, many more were forced to flee the areas captured by extremists. Woemn and children have become captives and are kept in concentration camps of the terrorists. Iraqi authorities have appealed to the international community for help in the fight against the IS. The UN characterized ethnic and religious cleansing carried out by the IS as crimes against humanity.


Kurds leave negotiations for new Iraqi government; want guarantees that they can keep Kirkuk & disputed territories

Turkey is wary of offering support to US strikes against ISIS, "partly" because of the 49 Turkish hostages in Mosul

Iran's ground forces chief accuses US of using ISIS, Nusra as proxies against Iran. As Iran, US both fight IS in Iraq

parliament is slated to vote on government at 8 pm tomorrow.

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07-09-2014: Updated infographic of the Syrian Armed Opposition

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Pres Obama to address nation on Wednesday on nature of ISIL threat and how the US is going to deal with it.

BREAKING: mayor Ahmed al-Dulaimi seriously injured in clashes with near in

SRF leader Jamal Maarouf tells 100s of rebels to prepare to cleanse of IS in , & Deir ez Zour:

provides weapons to Peshmerga forces fighting for the third time, currently trains them on how to...

BREAKING: Cairo-Iraqi draft Arab league resolution says ISIS actions constitute war crimes, crimes against humanity

BREAKING: Iraqi cabinet to be announced today: Al Arabiya News Channel sources

BREAKING: Arab FMs vote on decision to fight

BREAKING: must be confronted 'militarily and politically': Arab League chief

US 'not serious' in fight against : Iran

Centcom says US military conducted 4 airstrikes Saturday near Haditha in Anbar Province at the request of gov't,plus 1 near

A significant expansion - US airstrikes have targeted Islamic State (IS) positions near the Dam in , .

leadership infused with a real sense of paranoia & a focus on outright loyalty, tells :

AP Analysis: US wary over hitting Syrian militants (from ) by

The post Kurd-Shia tensions are unsurprising: Pesh didn't want Badr in Tuz: Badr don't want Pesh in . Iran in the middle 1/2

IS has finally been able to assert its control over other insurgent groups in Fallujah

Several areas of Fallujah have been flattened by Iraqi army artillery Barrel bombs still being dropped by helos

With 2 Lebanese soldiers now killed by IS, emphasis on mediation rises - but team was turned away by IS yesterday - no progress.

IS knows what it’s doing with - the immediate rise in socio-political tensions this evening is exactly what they want.