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Police not following Constitution because Obama doesn't ? ( August 6 , 2014 ) Hellmetta PD in New Jersey may feel that way ...... When you think of the way various Police Departments across the nation have conducted themselves , just which might explain why police misconduct is soaring !

SHOCK VIDEO: Cop Explains Why Police No Longer Follow the Constitution

“Obama just decimated the freakin’ Constitution, so I don’t give a damn. If he doesn’t follow the Constitution, we don’t have to.”

The Free Thought Project

Matt Agorist

August 5, 2014
A brutally candid video was captured and uploaded to youtube Monday of an Helmetta, NJ cop.
Steve Wronko had gone to the Helmetta Police Department with a list of objections about recent violations at the Helmetta Regional Animal Shelter. According to the Community outreach facebook page created to expose the atrocities of the shelter, Reform Helmetta Regional Animal Shelter, there is a long stemming controversy from the Helmetta Mayor, Nancy Martin.
Martin also happens to be the tax collector for the City of Perth. In 2011, Martin made her son, Brandon Metz, the head of the Animal Shelter. She also appointed him to  Animal Cruelty Investigator, Borough Laborer, Water Meter Reader, and Certified Recycling Co-ordinator, according to the facebook page.
When Wronko went to the police department to voice his complaints about the violations of his Constitutional rights by this corrupt, nepotistic system, he was met with even more corruption.
“I have major objections about what’s going on at the shelter over there….,” says Wronko.
To which the corrupt Helmetta police officer replies, “Obama just decimated the freakin’ Constitution, so I don’t give a damn. If he doesn’t follow the Constitution, we don’t have to.”
Let that set in for a minute. A cop, knowing that he was being filmed, just admitted to NOT following the law that he swore an oath to uphold.
This one example is the epitome of most government institutions, regardless of size. The Constitution was designed to keep these corrupt tendencies of government from gaining strength, so naturally it is a severe hindrance to would-be tyrants; therefore it is first to go when the chance arises.
Maybe this instance, captured on film for the whole world to see, will serve as a wake up call to those who may still be asleep. Please share this so that it can help others to see the leviathan for what it is, a gang of thieves writ large.

Unfortunately this all started well before Barrack Obama became president. This privileged world of above-the-law state corruption goes back centuries.

If You Said What this Cop Said, You’d be in Gitmo, He’s on Paid Vacation.

Texas cop placed on paid leave for supermarket shooting spree Facebook threat
August 5, 2014

A police officer in central Texas has been placed on paid administrative leave while investigators consider whether a recent Facebook posting by the cop in which he discussed massacring food stamp recipients violated departmental policy.
According to KWTX News, Marlin Police Sgt. Rob Douglas already admitted that he authored a rant on his public Facebook profile last week mocking “the useless turd bags” he encounters at the grocery store on the first of the month — the day that public assistance, like welfare checks and food stamps, are usually made available to the needy.
“The first of the month! The day I absolutely LOVE going to the grocery store after putting in 120+ hours last month,” Sgt. Douglas wrote. “I love being able to see how the useless lazy turd bags spend the hard earned money my working friends and I provided for them so they can sit on their lazy asses all month and drink the beer I am paying for.”
Douglas went on to ridicule the “thousands of dollars” in tattoos and car rims he believes are bought with taxpayer money, then issued a grim warning that has made some residents of Marlin, TX quite uncomfortable.
“I promise, if I ever snap and go on a killing spree, it will be in a supermarket on the first,” the officer ended his Facebook post.
“Being a law enforcement officer, I mean, even if you thought it, some things you just don’t say,” Marlin resident Doris Springer Piper told KWTX, adding that was shocked and appalled to see the rant appear on a social media page of a person responsible for protecting the community.

Cop Blockers Told By Police That They Don’t Live in a Free Country

“That’s why the second amendment of the Constitution was created, for tyrants like you!”

The Free Thought Project

John Vibes
August 5, 2014
After a recent meeting held by members of Cop Block, Cop Watch and the Peaceful Streets Project, in Arlington Texas, attendees were followed and harassed by police.  According to local Cop Block leader Joseph Tye, the group heard that their meetings were being monitored over their police scanner.  The cops were allegedly giving descriptions of the Cop Blockers cars to one another over the radio and waited for the last two members to leave so they could follow them onto the road.
The individuals who were stopped by police, were actually brand new members of Cop Block. Unfortunately they were not able to hold their ground to prevent the police from detaining one of them and giving her a field sobriety test.  To detain someone without charges is illegal in many states including Texas, however, the woman driving was bullied into complying with the police orders.
Luckily, Jacob Dova, of Tarrant county peaceful streets was called because he lived close enough to intervene in the situation.  Eric Canales showed up toward the end of the traffic stop to question police and film the encounter.  After he showed up and questioned their authority they eventually decided to leave, but not without attempting to intimidate him.  While on camera, one of the policeman can also be heard telling Canales that he does not live in a free country.  Sadly, this officer is speaking the truth, but the propaganda that underpins government monopoly police forces is built around the false notions that we live in a free country and that the government and police are here to help us.
Harassment of police accountability activists is actually extremely common in the area.  In fact, the wife of a local officer recently made an anti Cop Block/Cop Watch Facebook page called “Police Wives Against Cop Block and Cop Watch.”

Info Wars.......


EMTs physically intervene to stop violent police onslaught
Ambulance Workers Blow Whistle on Cops Who Beat Shackled, Mentally Ill Man
Image Credits: Credit: giabar / Flickr

A group of officers with the New York Police Department were turned in by two Emergency Medical Technicians after beating a mentally ill man shackled to a stretcher.
Documents obtained by the New York Daily News reveal how the EMTs had to physically stop four officers as they repeatedly punched the man in the face on July 20.
According to reports filed by the EMTs, the incident began shortly after the pair arrived at a police station to transport the man to a nearby hospital. The man, who was said to be combative, had his hands and feet shackled to a stretcher after leaving his cell.
“Pt. came out of the cell in cuffs. Pt. became combative with PD and (was) put on our stretcher,” one EMT wrote.
That is when the restrained man began swearing and spitting at a group of police with the Emergency Service Unit, causing an officer to punch him in the face multiple times before slamming him to the ground.
“Pt. was struck in the face by an officer … pt. spit in the face of an officer, whereupon the officer punched the pt. in the face multiple times,” the report stated.
The second EMT confirmed the account, noting that the man had “sustained injuries” to the face and head.
After being put back on the stretcher, the man proceeded to spit once more. Instead of grabbing a spit mask, two other officers joined the first in unleashing a barrage of punches on the man’s face, causing the EMTs to become concerned enough to physically intervene.
“Three cops began to punch the patient in the face, EMS (had) to get in the middle of it to intervene. Pt’s. wounds and injuries cleaned in the (ambulance),” the report said.
An investigation by the Internal Affairs Bureau is currently underway according to a spokesman with the New York Police Department. The EMTs, who clearly did their job to protect the health and well-being of their patient, are reportedly still serving the public.
The incident comes only weeks after a New York police officer choked an asthmatic man to death for allegedly selling untaxed cigarettes. The responding EMTs and paramedics were all suspended after failing to provide support to the man as he laid motionless on the concrete.