Ferguson police were caught on camera Sunday night threatening to mace one reporter and shoot another. At least two other journalists also claim they were arrested while following police orders.
Shortly after 10 pm Sunday night, police began launching tear gas at protesters and demanded that reporters turn their cameras off.
In a confrontation caught on the KARG Arugus Radio livestream, a cop noticed Mustafa Hussein filming with his camera lights on—which police claim makes it hard for them to see—and confronted him, allegedly pointing a gun at him.
"Get down, get the fuck out of here and get that light off, or you're getting shot with this," the officer yells at Hussein.
Another journalist was reportedly shot with a beanbag.
At least two reporters were also briefly arrested and quickly released Sunday night—apparently while following police orders.
Neil Munshi, of the Financial Times, wrote on Twitter that he was ordered to leave a parking lot being used as a staging area. But hen he did, he was handcuffed and briefly held by Capt. Ron Johnson.

Just cuffed and searched as we said we were leaving as he asked. Johnson was following us saying bring the ... https://vine.co/v/M36JY9b5hgU 


Just spoke with Capt Johnson. They've quarantined me and two other journos. Not allowed to view Florissant. "They tried to take the command"

Captain Johnson arrested us for 2 minutes. We pleaded that we had followed every instruction. He let us go.


Understand the world is watching this closely .........

DETAILS: Missouri governor sends National Guard to Ferguson 'to restore peace and order'

Ferguson protesters clash with police

governor deploys National Guard to suppress protestors

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Capt. Johnson said they "had no alternative" but to... gas little kids? Threaten to shoot reporters? Mace people in handcuffs? WTF.

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Again, county police themselves admitted that none of the people arrested at Dellwood Market were from the area.

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The governor is calling what's happening "coordinated attacks." that's citizen protestor=terrorist language. fucked.

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While police lie to media, troopers refuse to let anyone near bus full of people arrested for no reason.

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I'm still in shock that if we didn't have Twitter we wouldn't know shit.

It's insane! I'm reading multiple matching first hand accounts and then they say the opposite on msnbc and cnn! WTF!!

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Report of woman in , quoted by her sister: "I was in the military, and I never saw something like this in the military."

Citing "coordinated and intensifying violent attacks," Jay Nixon sends in the National Guard

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Victims of the cops unwarranted attack! Is anybody steering the fucking ship?

most of them already know thnx 2 twitter - seems like just an excuse for martial law

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BREAKING: MO. gov just signed executive order 2 deploy National Guard 2 Ferguson. He fears response in morn when ppl wake up 2 autopsy news.