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Iraq Updates ( July 14 , 2014 ) -- State of play , whole spectrum of political and civil war matters of note .....

MONDAY, JULY 14, 2014

July 14th Iraq SITREP by Mindfriedo: Power Corrupts

Quote of the Day, US Senator John McCain: the restraint of the Israelis, in my view, is admirable
Thought of the Day: What if this man had won the election along with Sarah Palin?

14th July: Unconfirmed: Sistani has sent a verbal message to Maliki to find a replacement for his post within a week. The Marja has said that failure to do so will force him to take a public position asking Maliki to go. 

14th July: Two car bombs explode in Baghdad. The first kills two and injures ten and the second injures two civilians. 

14th July: Fighting between Daash/rebel fighters and Government troops is continuing in Dhuluiya, 80 kilometers north of Baghdad. Daash/Rebel fighters have taken over most of the town except the Al-Jubur suburb. Tribal fighters negotiating with rebels refused to surrender. 

Dassh/rebel fighters had destroyed, using explosives, the Mayors Residence and the Court House on Sunday.
14th July: Massoud Barzani and a delegation of Kurdish politicians is visiting Turkey and meeting with Prime Minister Erdogan to sign various agreements. 

14th July: Daash fighters have executed 10 members belonging to the Islamic army and the Naqshabandi army in Saida, Diyala province. The dispute between allies was over positions of authority. Residents of the town ere reported to be fleeing the fighting in boats. 

14th July: The Patriotic Union of Kurdistan (PUK: headed by President Jalal Talibani) claims the Hamrin Mountains as being with Kurdish territory. In a statement issued it has asked the government in Baghdad to settle the issue till July next year or the territory would belong to the Kurds. The statement also expressed incredulity at the Iraqi Government army’s speedy collapse and the fact that the government was now relying on militias for survival. 

14th July: Daash fighters execute 8 young men in Muqdadiya district, 40 kilometers north of Baqouba. They then flee after fighting with Security Personnel and Tribal fighters allied to the government. 

14th July: Daash/rebel fighters used explosives to demolish 8 houses in Muqdadiya district, north east Baqouba 

14th July: Seven unidentified bodies are found by Security Forces in northern Baqouba. The dead had been shot in the head and chest. 

14th July: Iraqi Christians open a new Church in Baghdad stressing that the community remains “vibrant and active.” 

14th July: Atta’s/Government claims for the day: 

Three Dassh/rebel fighters killed in air strikes in Baiji
Security Forces Raid a mosque in Baghdad and find explosives and arrest three terror suspects
Abu Mus’ab al-Esaiwi a commander of Daash forces in Hilla is killed along with 71 other Dassh fighters by Security Forces and allied militias

10 rebel fighters are killed in airstrikes north of Baghdad 

3 Daash fighters are killed in airstrikes in Northern Tikrit


13th July: Sunni and Shia Imams in the UK release a video message stressing “importance of unity in the UK and to decree ISIS as an illegitimate, vicious group who do not represent Islam in any way.” 

13th July: The Syrian Observatory for Human Rights (SOHR), a UK based group reports that 7 Hezbollah fighters are killed and 31 wounded in clashes with Jihadist fighters along the Lebanese Syrian border. The SOHR claims that 16 Jihadist were killed in the fighting. Reuters reports that an unnamed Hezbollah fighter stated that 2 or more Hezbollah fighters were killed and 27 Jihadists.

Further Reading: 

One amongst them bears witness against them; thank you anonymous 

A well made video of a message from Palestinians to OBAMA

Short Analysis: 

Two must reads to understand the problems facing Iraq:

The second link shows in detail the politics behind the scene. It also shows the confusion and chaos within the Shia ranks of law makers who seem confident of Maliki one minute and despair of him the next. The Sunnis are adamant and were willing to offer the Speakers post to a rival, to undercut Maliki. The Kurds with Barzani are anti Maliki while those with Talibani are more or less undecided but in favour of autonomy rather than independence. 

It goes to explain the recent move by Sistani (asking Maliki politely to make way for a successor). To Sistani the survival of the State is more important than Maliki’s personal ambition. Even though winning the votes makes him the winner, Sistani is asking him to step down and see the larger picture. To Maliki, and possibly Iran, it is about power, power that is rightfully his; to Sistani it is about the future irresepective of who profits from power.

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No progress for -forces in Salahh-ad-Din against / Islamic State Clashes continues on halfway between &

Former commander of 3rd division of the Iraqi army claims that Iraqi PM Nuri to have 10,000 guards.

Ahrar leader Amir Kanani says, National Alliance nominates Ahmed Chalabi to head next Iraqi cabinet.

Opinion: Al Arabiya's on dubious media claims of links

Any Americans assigned to advise Baghdad’s forces face risks to their safety because Iraqi units are infiltrated

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ICYMI: Iraq MPs again fail to make progress toward new govt; militants gain ground; attacks kill 12 people wrap

firmly stands against the demand by for the withdrawal of Peshmerga forces in .

calls for change of governance system in Iraq & demands geographical border Kurdistan to be foundation of any agreement with Baghdad.

As Islamist insurgency threatens to dismember Iraq,it has brought one of Turkey's key trade routes to a virtual halt.

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Q&A: about funding of ISIS, Gaza and the new map of the Middle East

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Brief Iraq Parliament Meeting Ends Without Deal on Govt

Sandstorm Kept Kurdish MPs from Attending

by Jason Ditz, July 13, 2014
The pressure for Iraq’s new parliament to start naming government officials continues, but there are no deals on the horizon, as today’s meetig once again saw talks collapse in a few minutes, with not even the parliament speaker agreed upon.
Customarily, Iraq has given that position to a Sunni Arab, and the Sunnis have picked Salim al-Jabouri, though his previous promise to support Prime Minister Maliki for a third term seems to have hurt his chances.
The Kurdish MPs were mostly no-shows entirely. Officially this was because of a sandstorm in Kurdistan, though soaring tensions between Maliki and the Kurds have many openly boycotting cabinet meetings, and they seem further from a deal than ever.
The MPs agreed to adjourn until Tuesday, though there seems to be little reason to believe that meeting will go any better than the previous two have, and no one has emerged as a serious contender for the new premier.

ISIS Seizes Town North of Baghdad

Six People Killed in Fighting as Rebels Push Back in to Dhululiya

by Jason Ditz, July 13, 2014
One of only a handful of towns to be taken by ISIS in June and retaken by the Iraqi military, Dhululiya has fallen back to ISIS again, as 50 trucks of fighters met little resistance, killing four police and losing two ISIS fighters on their way back in.
Dhululiya is of little importance itself, but is close to the Shi’ite city of Balad, and by extension close to a very important military air base. Rebels reportedly destroyed the bridge to Balad after taking the town, to prevent reinforcements from resisting their takeover.
The ISIS takeover reflects their growing influence over the area, and that despite an influx of Shi’ite militias into the area, they continue to expand closer and closer to Baghdad from the north.
That’s a major concern for the Maliki government, which has already lost virtually the whole Anbar Province leading from the West into Baghdad, and the capital seems increasingly surrounded on multiple fronts.

BAGHDAD, IRAQ (BNO NEWS) -- Gunmen stormed two brothels in the Iraqi capital of Baghdad on Saturday evening, killing at least 31 people, most of them prostitutes, and injuring several others, government sources said on Sunday. It follows a similar attack on a brothel last year.
The latest attack took place on late Saturday when a group of gunmen burst into two apartment buildings used as brothels in the Zayouna neighborhood in eastern Baghdad. The men first entered one building and opened fire with pistols fitted with silencers before carrying out a similar attack at a brothel next door.