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Iraq Updates ( July 10 , 2014 ) Connecting dots regarding ISIS - Is ISIS a creation of the United States government ? State of play politically and keep your eyes on Kurdisatan , which is the key to Iraq remaining whole and not defacto or de jure partioned !


July 10th Iraq SITREP by Mindfriedo

Funny Quote of The Day: From the BBC "Israel under renewed Hamas Attack."

Funny Quote of the Day Two: Iranian representative to Iraqi Kurdistan "The Kurds should not RUSH to declare independence."

It's Elementary Deduction:

In a famous Sherlock Holmes short story, Silver Blaze, Holmes got the key to the murder in this dialog:

Scotland Yard detective: Is there any other point to which you would wish to draw my attention?
Holmes: To the curious incident of the dog in the night-time.

Gregory: The dog did nothing in the night-time.

Holmes: That was the curious incident. 

Holmes concluded that the murderer must have been known to the family, hence the watch dog recognized him and kept silent. 

The "curious incident" in the latest saga from Iraq is obvious. Why didn't President Obama send bombers to Iraq. He has the power. He clearly has the track record. He had to know that WMD (chemical weapons were within reach of the ISIL pirates). AND he was invited to step in by Iraq. 

Why didn't the aggressor in chief act ? 

---Michael Collins

Correction: CE pointed out correctly that the 300 Daash fighters killed by the Kurds were in Syria. Please read this link by CE, it provides details of the confrontation taking place between Daash fighters and the Kurds in Syria. Daash is using looted Iraqi military 
equipment :

9th July: Reports from Diyala indicate that the Ba'athist and Naqshabandi faction is targeting the leadership of Daash in Diyala.

10th July: Abu Ahmed (Bashar al-Akidi) the administrative head of Daash in Western Mosul is killed by fellow Rebel fighters in Mosul.

10th July: US officials insist that Baghdadi cannot be targeted by drones unless Obama instructs the same. This is while the US has put a 10 million USD bounty on Baghdadi.

10th July: The Iraqi Army is making steady gains in the north of Tikrit. It is being aided by the Air Force. Most rebels have fled to Mosul.

10th July: The Iraqi Army Engineers have dismantled over 300 IEDs in their advance on Tikrit

10th July: The Deputy Foreign Minister of Russia, Gennady Gatilov, on forming an international forum on terrorism in Iraq, "This kind of challenges and transnational threats requires bilateral cooperation, primarily between countries like the United States and the Russian Federation."

10th July: France plans to prevent its citizens from travelling to Syria through Turkey by using a law that allows for 6 month restrictions on travel. Those still wishing to travel can travel visa free to Greece right up to Turkey's border.

10th July: Sunni political parties are laying down conditions before agreeing to attend Sunday's Parliamentary Session. They want the question of appointing the three—i.e., President, Prime Minister, and Speaker—resolved first.

10th July: Kurdish politicians condemn Maliki's statement of Kurdistan harbouring terrorists and call it an attempt to blame others for his own (Maliki's) security failures

10th July: Daash executes 30 members of a tribe and it's chief and his son in Diayala for failing to pay allegiance and pay tribute to DI of Daash

10th July: A motorcycle bomb explodes at a gas station in Southern Kirkuk injuring 7 people including police personnel. The gas station was close to a police station.

10th July: Glowing Daash fighters-The IAEA States that the nuclear material seized by Daash in Mosul University is not of high enough grade to be a threat. 

10th July: Iranian envoy to the Iraqi Kurdish region, Nazim Dabagh, "Iranians support a Kurdish-Shiite alliance and back Sunnis who supports the Iraqi government.” He also asked the Kurds not to "rush" for independence.

10th July: 500 residents of Samarra have volunteered to join the security forces to help fight Daash. Most of Samarra is Sunni Muslim, it is unclear whether the volunteers were Sunni Muslims.

10th July: Mortar shelling has killed three and injured eight in two areas of north eastern Diyala

10th July: Militia fighters/volunteers find 4 rebels/Daash fighters in Babel with a car bomb. The car bomb is detonated and rebels/Daash fighters killed.

10th July: The Kuwaiti government donates 9 million USD to help refugees in Iraq

10th July: Atta's/Government's claims for the day:

Salah il Din province: 47 rebels/Daash fighters killed, 14vehicles destroyed

Diyala province: 39 rebels/Daash fighters killed, 7 vehicles destroyed

Babil province: 25 rebels/Daash fighters killed, 10 vehicles destroyed

Anbar province: 46 rebels/Daash fighters killed, over 12 vehicles destroyed


10th July: President of Yemen is in Saudi Arabia for talks after Shia Houthi rebels take Amran a city 50 kilometres north of the capital Sa'ana

10th July: Jordan is facing the same demographic and financial upheaval that Iraq faced on account of its large refugee population

Further Reading: 

Veritas pointed out that the killing of 53 "Sunni" men could be a false flag operation. It is unclear if the dead men were Sunni or Shia. As the bodies were found in an area with mostly Shia villages but some Sunni ones too. However, both sides are capable of such acts of cruelty, thanks in part, to the American education system:

Cutting through the BS:

Algerie francaise:

The ISIS Is A U.S. Tool "Conspiracy Theories"

Is ISIS a creation of the United States government ?

I do not have enough data to judge on that question. My gut instinct on this trends towards "no." But there is some data that points into the "yes" directions and it seems that many people have judged "yes" on that basis.

In 1957 the CIA and MI6 conspired for regime change in Syria:
The plan called for funding of a "Free Syria Committee", and the arming of "political factions with paramilitary or other actionist capabilities" within Syria. The CIA and MI6 would instigate internal uprisings, for instance by the Druze in the south, help to free political prisoners held in the Mezze prison, and stir up the Muslim Brotherhood in Damascus.
Starting from that confirmed conspiracy Mohsen Abdelmoumen suggests with some current data that a similar plan, with the endgame of breaking up Syria and Iraq, is in motion and that ISIS is an instrument in this.

Al-Maydeen TV, a Lebanese channel allegedly financed by Iran or Syria or Hizbullah or someone else, interviewed the Egyptian Sheikh Nabeel Naiem. The 40 minutes interview with English subtitles and a transcript can be found here. Sheikh Nabeel Naiem (the transliteration of the name may be wrong) claims to have been with Bin Laden in Afghanistan and explains why he believes that ISIS is a U.S. project using Jihadis to incite a "100 year war" between Sunni and Shia in the Middle East. The sheikh is very critical of the Muslim Brotherhood and I am not sure about some of his more propagandistic claims but he is well read and connects some well known U.S. documents to the current situation on the ground. He also alleges that there is a U.S. plot against the Saudi regime.

Amal Saad-Ghorayeb, a Lebanese academic and resistance supporter, just adds the facts and concludes on her blog:
[S]everal developments this week reveal that ISIS has effectively become the US’ (and of course Saudi’s) new weapon of choice in confronting the Iran- Hizbullah-Syria-Iraq Axis:Obama acknowledges that the notion of a “ready-made moderate Syrian force that was able to defeat Assad” was a “fantasy”, and only days later, requests $500 million from Congress to fund this fantasy; the following day, the leader of one of the leading “moderate” Islamist groups Obama was alluding to, the Syrian Revolutionary Front, tells The Independent that the fight against al-Qaeda was “not our problem” and admits that his fighters conduct joint operations with al-Qaeda’s representative in Syria, Jabhat al-Nusra; a Kurdish intelligence source reveals to The Telegraph that his people had informed the US and British governments of an imminent ISIS takeover of Mosul but that the warning “fell on deaf ears;” PM Maliki blames the US’ delayed delivery of 36 F16s Iraq had purchased for ISIS’ advance into northern and western Iraq; Netanyahu warns Obama against military intervention in Iraq, arguing “when your enemies are fighting one another, don’t strengthen either one of them. Weaken both;” ISIS declares war on Lebanon.
The facts speak for themselves.

Well? Are these all the facts and do they speak for themselves? I am not ready to decide.


Syria: ISIS Against The States

This New York Times op-ed by Matt Atkins is another propaganda piece for the moderate cuddly homegrown al-Qaeda:
[C]an the West meaningfully influence the military situation in Syria while continuing to eschew Islamist groups, now that they are dominant among the rebels? “The Free Syrian Army has been weak and divided,” said Richard Barrett, a former British intelligence official. “And so the Islamic Front is really the only game in town if you want to attack ISIS in Syria.”
If Washington and its partners want to push back against both Assad and ISIS at once, they will have to be less squeamish about picking allies in Syria. Otherwise, they may not find any left at all.
The only game in town if one wants to attack ISIS is the Syrian Arab Army under Bashar al-Assad. Anything else is just wishful thinking.
In a few month the Islamic Front will no longer exist. It will vanish like that phantasy of a Free Syrian Army. Parts of it will swear allegiance to the Islamic State, parts will give up fighting and parts will change over to the government side. Then the real war against ISIS will start.
As there is no alternative in sight Iraq will then likely still be ruled by Prime Minister Maliki despite U.S. demands for regime change. He will receive weapons, intelligence and advice from Russia and Iran. Unlike Syria Iraq will even be able to pay for those. The Iranian Revolutionary Guard Corps will help Maliki to build up a force of strong (religiously) motivated national guard battalions which will be the manpower needed to reconquer and hold the cities ISIS has so far taken.
By the end of the year ISIS will be squeezed from the west, south and east by Syrian and Iraqi government forces and from the north by the Kurd. The ISIS (or IS) will meanwhile implement the Management of Savagery (recommended) before it really starts to consolidate its caliphate.

While ISIS has plundered lots of weapons and resources it still lacks the political and military dimensions of a nation state. With overwhelming air and artillery power the Iraqi and Syrian government sides can and will win the bloody and ferocious war.


Rebels destroyed many made M113 APC's in province

politician Haidar Malla calls on parliament to approve 3Kurdistan's referendum, based on pre-2003 borders.

Ammar Hakim's list demands Iraq PM to show evidence that are supporting and harboring IS (formerly ISIS) in Erbil.

No Cargo Flights Allowed into , as Feud with Worsens

BREAKING: Iraqi fighter jets bomb Gyara refinery 85 km south of Mosul.

. Who all is fighting in Iraq anyways? Is Iraq a prize or liability? Or is Iraq just bonkers?

Iraq's Mystery Airstrikes It's Secret Santa meets Death From Above

How could US military not discovered/destroyed chemical weapons in ?

ministers announce that they will boycott ministerial meetings with Baghdad in a press conference today.

Kurdistan Presidency Responds to Maliki

KRG asks to send 17% of all the oil revenues that Somo Company has sold, acc to Article 112 of Iraqi constitution.

resist Iranian pressure to step up fight against militants.

wakes up every morning thinking "who am I going to accuse today". It's your turn, Kurds.