Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Libya updates June 4 , 2014 --Breaking News: Suicide attack near Hafter compound kills 3 and injures 4 ( rumors of Hafter wounded may or may not be accurate ) ....... Swiss Red Cross worker murdered in Sirte ........ Congressman seized from Tripoli home ........ Breaking news: Thinni travels to Benghazi

Breaking News: Suicide attack near Hafter compound kills 3 and injures 4

By Noora Ibrahim.
Benghazi, 4 June 2014:
A massive car bomb blast has killed three and injured four after a suicide bomber detonated explosives one kilometre from General Khalifa Hafter’s compound south of Benghazi.
Spokesman for Hafter’s forces Mohammed Hijezi told the Libya Herald that the attack was believed to have an attempt on the general’s life. However, he said the bomber had detonated  his device in a car, packed with explosives, after he was unable to enter the compound in Ghot Sultan, 45 kilometres south of Benghazi .
Hijezi said the blast, which left a crater in the ground, was caused by a five tonne bomb. He said the brutality of the assault which had killed and injured those who were guarding the compound showed the desperation of the attackers. He added that those who had died were martyrs.
There are rumours circulating, following the attack that Hafter himself was wounded in the explosion. Hijezi said this was not the case.

Swiss Red Cross worker murdered in Sirte

By Aymen Amzein.
Benghazi, 4 June 2014:
The Head of the International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC) operation in Misrata was shot and killed this afternoon by gunmen in Sirte.
The ICRC  chief in Libya, Salah Uddine told the Libya Herald that the aid worker was shot while leaving a meeting he had attended with two colleagues who escaped the incident unharmed. He later died at Ibn Sina Hospital in Sirte.
Uddine confirmed that the aid worker was a Swiss national but did not give his name. Social media however are reporting that the murdered man is Michael Greub.
The identity of his attackers is unknown. However Sirte, which has become one of the most dangerous places in Libya in the aftermath of the revolution, is known to be an Ansar Al-Sharia stronghold.

Congressman seized from Tripoli home

By Ashraf Abdul-Wahab and Jamal Adel.

Seized congressman Bubakar Mudur
Kidnaped congressman Bubakar Mudur
Tripoli, 4 June 2014:
General National Congress (GNC) representative from Ghadames, Abubaker Madur, has been abducted from the Falah area of Tripoli .
“The initial information that we have clearly indicates that Abubaker Madur, GNC member from Ghadames, has been abducted,” GNC spokesman Omar Hemidan told the Libya Herald.
“A number of GNC members have tried to contact him, but no one has been able to reach him,” Hemidan added.
It has been reported that a group of armed men in four cars attacked Madur’s residence yesterday and forced the GNC member outside under the threat of violence. The men then transported him to an unknown location.
Authorities do not yet know who is behind the kidnapping, nor has anyone claimed responsibility.
“The GNC has stated that it condemns this act and that it “urges the kidnappers to release the abductee,” said Hemidan.

Breaking news: Thinni travels to Benghazi

By Moutaz Ali.
Tripoli, 4 June 2014:
Caretaker Prime Minister Abdullah Al-Thinni has arrived at Labraq Airport in Beida and is to travel to Benghazi  in an effort “to more fully engage” with the current crisis in the city.
Spokesman for the Thinni government Ahmed Lamin told the Libya Herald: “The Prime Minister’s aim is to be closer to the situation in Benghazi. He will now travel to the city as he believes his role requires him to be near what is happening on the ground.”
Lamin added that Thinni would have gone directly to Benghazi were it not for the continued closure of Benina Airport.
Today a number of eastern Congress members met in Beida to discuss the ongoing situation in Benghazi. While they said the meeting was informal, it has been interpreted as many as yet another sign of the deep schism in the GNC and between the east and west of the country.
Tomorrow the Supreme Court in Tripoli is due to deliver its judgement on the disputed GNC election of Ahmed Maetig.