Friday, May 16, 2014

Is The May 16 , 2014 Operation American Spring Event in DC a trick , a Trap ? David Chase offers his point of view - FWIW


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CIA Planning “Anonymous” Cyber-Attacks During “Operation American Spring” on May 16, 2014

David Chase Taylor
May 15, 2013
SWITZERLAND, Zurich — Come Friday, May 16, 2014, retired Colonel Harry Riley will lead tens-of-thousands of so-called “patriots” to Washington D.C. to “remove Obama, Biden, Reid, McConnell, Boehner, Pelosi, and Attorney General Holder from Office”. Quite suspiciously, Col. Riley has termed the rally “OPERATION AMERICAN SPRING”, a name synonymous with Islamic terrorism.
When America’s capital is packed with thousands of anti-Obama protesters, it’s highly likely that the state-sponsored terror group known as “Anonymous” will attack local Washington, D.C. cyber-targets (government, media, military, etc.), or launch a financial-related cyber-terror attack against U.S. stock markets, namely the New York Stock Exchange.
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The CIA-run Anonymous group appears to be working in tandem with Col. Riley as evidenced by the January 1, 2014 Anonymous video which essentially reiterates Col. Riley’s demands outlined in Operation American Spring. In short, Anonymous declares war against the Obama administration come May 16, 2014 in Washington, D.C., unless of course a long list of governmental officials including Obama resign prior.
What type of cyber-attack is currently in play for Operation American Spring is not known, but a prolonged cyber-attack which holds U.S. stock markets hostage is the most likely. This impending terror threat was curiously revealed on May 14, 2014, in a timely USA Today report entitled “Hackers Ramp up Computer Attacks that Demand ‘Ransom’”.
In order to gain plausible deniability in the wake of unprecedented cyber-attacks in which billions lost and economic faith in America is destroyed, it was revealed on May 15, 2014, that the FBI plans to crackdown on cyber-crime and that arrests are now “imminent”. Interestingly, the Huffington Post published a report the very same day entitled “The Dark Web and the Power of Anonymity”, evidently foreshadowing impending Anonymous-related cyber-attacks.
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Although a financial-related cyber-attack could be scapegoated onto China, Iran or Russia, the state-sponsored cyber-terror group Anonymous will most likely be implicated. Because Anonymous does not have a country of origin, no one will be held accountable or retaliated against. In other words, the international intelligence agencies behind a financial-related cyber-attack will never be brought to justice.
To date, has exposed numerous financial related terror plots, including the terror attack planned for the Federal Reserve Bank , the9/11-style terror attack on Dallas Federal Reserve, the ATM cyber-terror bank heist, and the cyber-heist plot involving Bitcoin. Needless to say, the CIA is hell bent on crashing U.S. stock markets and therefore may execute a major cyber-attack come May 16, 2014.
Anonymous Stock Market Warning
In what appears to be a pre-Anonymous cyber-attack warning, Fox Business published a report on February 6, 2014, entitled “Hackers Set Sights on Market Mayhem” which curiously featured a photo of the Guy Fawkes-Anonymous mask. Among other things, the report stated that “today’s cyber evildoers also want to mess with investors”, citing a report from the cyber-security firm Prolexic which warned that “hackers are deploying distributed denial-of-service (DDoS) attacks in an attempt to manipulate stock prices or even cause market mayhem”. The report speculated that “a cartel of cyber criminals or even an individual hacker could capitalize on a selloff in a hacking target’s share price by placing bearish bets, called short positions”. In other words, billions could be lost due to the actions of one person, most likely a teenager.
Anonymous-Terror Trending
Prior to an unprecedented cyber-attack by “Anonymous”, the world must be psychologically programmed through fraudulent headlines and fabricated events that yes, it can happen. As evidenced, news and events in respect to Anonymous are trending and may commence in a massive cyber-terror attack.
Anonymous Headlines:
1. March 2, 2014: Anonymous Member Facing 440 Years in Jail for Cyber-Stalking and Hacking
2. April 2, 2014: Anonymous linked to hack of Albuquerque police amid shooting protests
3. April 6, 2014: #OpIsrael: Anonymous calls for massive attack on Israeli cyberspace
4. April 17, 2014: Anonymous Hacking Threat Was Teenage Hoax
5. April 23, 2014: Two ‘Anonymous’ hackers arrested in Cambodia
6. April 24, 2014: Anonymous Reportedly Behind Cyber Attacks Against Children’s Hospital
7. April 24, 2014: Anonymous Spokesman to Plead Guilty After Counts Dropped
8. April 25, 2014: Anonymous hacker turned FBI informant, helped with cyber attacks on foreign websites
9. April 29, 2014: Man tied to hacker group Anonymous accused of more hacking, cyberstalking
10. April 30, 2014: Anonymous Vows to Continue Its Cyber-Crusade
11. May 5, 2014: Anonymous Hacks Twitter Page Of BNP Chairman Nick Griffin
12. May 13, 2014: FBI used autistic New Yorker to nail Anonymous hacker
13. May 14, 2014: Anonymous: Why we’re Picketing Glenn Greenwald’s book tour
14. May 14, 2014: Anonymous hacker captured after feds found his accomplice
[Does not purport to be a complete list of headlines or events]
U.S. Vulnerable to Cyber Attack
Prior to major financial-related cyber-attack resulting in billions lost, the American public must believe that the U.S. government is highly vulnerable to a cyber-attack. Aside from the fact that hackers reportedly crashed Federal Election Commission website on December 19, 2013, recent reports in respect to cyber-security (or lack thereof) suggests that cyber-attacks against U.S. governmental institutions are imminent. For example, on February 4, 2014, it was revealed that a U.S. Senate report found that federal agencies often fail to take basic preventive cyber-security measures. That same day, it was also reported that “password” is the password on many U.S. government computer accounts, furthering the notion that feds are an easy target for hackers. A day later on February 5, 2014, a U.S. government report found that 4 in 10 government security breaches go undetected, suggesting that cyber-attacks are much more prevalent than originally thought. Most recently on March 16, 2014, theUkrainian CyberBerkut terror group allegedly took down NATO websites, another clear sign that the West is vulnerable to a cyber-attack. After all, if NATO can be hacked, so too can Wall Street.
Cyber-Terror Trending
Prior to an unprecedented cyber-attack, the world must be psychologically programmed through fraudulent headlines and fabricated events that yes, it can happen. As evidenced, news and events in respect to cyber-terror are trending and may commence in a massive cyber-terror attack.
Cyber-Terror Headlines:
1. March 29, 2014: Pentagon plans three-fold cybersecurity staff increase to counter attacks
2. April 2, 2014: Republicans Fear Obama Will Let Russia Seize Internet Power
3. April 3, 2014: Tighe becomes first woman to command a numbered U.S. Navy fleet
4. April 9, 2014: Passwords vulnerable after security flaw found
5. April 10, 2014: FBI Arrests Trio For Microsoft Xbox Hacking
6. April 11, 2014: Feds issue warning: Hackers trying to exploit ‘Heartbleed’ bug
7. April 12, 2014: Millions of Android Devices Vulnerable to Heartbleed Bug
8. April 14, 2014: Canadians’ tax data stolen in Heartbleed breach
9. April 16, 2014: German researchers hack Galaxy S5 fingerprint login
10. April 16, 2014: Scammers using fake USPS emails to steal personal information
11. April 17, 2014: Michaels security breach hit 3 million customers
12. April 22, 2014: Hackers hijack baby monitors
13. April 23, 2014: Cybergeddon? Survey warns of internet disruption on scale of 2008 crisis
14. April 23, 2014: FBI Warns Health Care Sector Is Especially Vulnerable to Cyberattacks
15. April 24, 2014: FBI informant is said to guide cyberattacks abroad
16. April 24, 2014: Did hacker help FBI get overseas intelligence?
17. April 24, 2014: Hundreds of Twitter accounts hacked to spam malicious messages
18. April 28, 2014: Internet Explorer users risk having their computers taken over
19. May 3, 2014: Miami Teen Arrested for Hacking Computers to Change Grades
20. May 10, 2014: Federal Agents Seek to Loosen Rules on Hacking Computers
21. May 14, 2014: Clive Goodman admits he hacked Kate Middleton’s phone 155 times
22. May 14, 2014: Hackers ramp up computer attacks that demand ‘ransom’
23. May 15, 2014: FBI plans crackdown on cyber crime, with arrests imminent