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East China Sea Tensions Updates May 25 , 2014 ----- China - Russia hold military drills , China buzzes Japanese aircraft --- US to comment on China's latest provocative actions any minute now ( Buellar , Buellar , Buellar anyone ? )

Juggernauts ? China - Russia New Axis of Power  ? 

China Scrambles Fighter Jet, Flies Within 50 Meters Of Japanese Airplanes

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Yesterday we showed how Russia and China hold "massive" naval drills in the northern part of the East China Sea (close enough to Japan for us to footnote "ahem Japan and Taiwan"), which in addition to a clear signal to the US (on part of Russia), was sending just as clear a message to Japan (on the part of China). Sure enough, overnight Japan was not too happy with this massive show of force by the two biggest and closest foes near its disputed territory. As a result it dispatched an OP-3C surveillance plane and a YS-11EB electronic intelligence aircraft. China promptly retaliated and as Reuters reports,it scrambled a Su-27, fully-armed with missiles, which came as close as 50 meters of the Japanese fighters - the closest Chinese warplanes had come to aircraft of Japan's Self-Defense Force according to Japan - in what can only be described as "please take the first punch."
A Chinese SU-27 fighter flies over the East China Sea, in this handout photo taken May 24, 2014 and released by the Defense Ministry of Japan May 25, 2014. Photo credit: Reuters
More from Reuters:
Japan and China on Sunday accused each other's air forces of dangerous behavior over the East China Sea, with Japan saying Chinese aircraft had come within a few dozen meters of its warplanes.
Japan was not happy:
Japan's defense minister accused Beijing of going "over the top" in its approach to disputed territory. China's defense ministry said Japanese planes had carried out "dangerous" actions during its joint maritime exercises with Russia.

Japan's defense ministry said Chinese SU-27 fighters came as close as 50 meters (170 feet) to a Japanese OP-3C surveillance plane near disputed islets on Saturday and within 30 meters of a YS-11EB electronic intelligence aircraft.

"Closing in while flying normally over the high seas is impossible," Defense Minister Itsunori Onodera told reporters in comments broadcast on TV Asahi. 

"This is a close encounter that is outright over the top."

Onodera said Japan conveyed its concerns to the Chinese side through diplomatic channels. He also said the Chinese planes were carrying missiles.

A ministry official said it was the closest Chinese warplanes had come to aircraft of Japan's Self-Defense Force.

China was not happy either:
China's defense ministry said jets were scrambled in the East China Sea on Saturday after Japanese aircraft entered its air defense zone during maritime exercises with Russia. 

The ministry said the Japanese aircraft had entered the zone despite "no fly" notices being issued ahead of the exercises. China declared its air defense zone last year despite protests by Japan and the United States.

"Japanese military planes intruded on the exercise's airspace without permission and carried out dangerous actions, in a serious violation of international laws and standards, which could have easily caused a misunderstanding and even led to a mid-air accident," the statement said.

China had proposed urgent talks, it said, and demanded that Japan "respect the lawful rights of China's and Russia's navies ... and stop all reconnaissance and interference activities. Otherwise Japan will bear any and all consequences from this".
Clearly China is not willing to take the next major, and lethal, step in the escalation of nationlistic tensions between the two nations. But if Japan is provoked to do it, well, so be it.

China And Russia Hold "Massive" Joint Naval Drill: This Is What It Looked Like

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A month ago, when the fate of the historic (and now concluded) gas deal between Russia and China was still unknown we wrote that "Isolated Russia Makes Friends: To Hold Military Drill With China", a drill titled "Maritime Cooperation-2014", and which, coincidentally, is taking place in the northern part (ahem Japan and Taiwan) of the East China Sea, just as Russia is conducting another massive airforce drill along its border with Ukraine on the weekend of Ukraine's presidential election.
As part of the drill, which is taking place between May 20 and 26, the Chinese and Russian naval vessels conducted maneuvers in the exercise area covering such missions as joint escort, joint rescue the hijacked ship, a joint verification of identification and joint air, sea assault on joint exercises and other subjects.
Here are some snapshots of what has taken place so far
Chinese and Russian warships lined a single column appeared and began firing drills.
More ships sailing in single line.
Russian warships appeared.
Chinese and Russian warships lined up in a column appeared, ready for sea, air and underwater targets firing.
Destroyer "Zhengzhou" , the supply ship "Qiandaohu"  and destroyer "Ningbo"
Ship missile destroyer Harbin firing guns
Missile destroyer Ningbo.
Missile destroyer Ningbo fires its auxiliary ship-to-air gunds
Missile destroyer Ningbo firing its gun
Resulting rocket depth
Russian cruiser Varyag, flagship of the Pacific fleet
Russian warship Admiral Panteleev
Varyag again, with Ka-27 helicopter in background
Liuzhou ship missile frigate conducting real fire drill. At 8:00 on the 24th of May, the first surface ship fleet ship missile destroyer Ningbo, again sounding the alarm combat exercises, joint anti-submarine exercises in full swing. The formation was composed of three warships conducting the submarine search.
The Zhengzhou missile destroyer first discovered the "enemy" submarines, reported the fleet command, guiding Russia "Admiral Panteleyev" large anti-submarine ship-borne helicopters sent successfully implemented on the target submarine attack.

A house is not a home. And a " homeland "  is not a  secure " homeland "  either ( If chinese jets are flying are flying there..... )