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Fukushima Updates April 18 , 2014 --Japanese citizens fighting efforts to whitewash exposure data and lies from Japan / Tepco ............. Losing the war to contain contaminated water -- Huge tanks shipped to Fukushima plant / One gets full within less than 2 days ......... 4,200,000,000Bq of β and 10,000,000 Bq of γ nuclides leaked from ALPS again / New technology never get into operation ......... [Assumption overturned] Bypass water already exceeded the safety limit / Tepco “won’t stop pumping up”

Residents respond to exposure estimates
Residents and evacuees of Tamura City's Miyakoji district are voicing dissatisfaction with the publication of radiation exposure estimates for the area.

Kazuo Yoshida lived in Miyakoji, but is now in temporary housing. He says the government should have released the data when discussions were underway on whether to lift the evacuation order for Miyakoji. He says he gave up farming and won't return unless authorities decontaminate mountains which are the source of the water he uses for drinking.

Yasushige Watanabe says radiation levels near his home and farming fields are higher than the estimates. He also says people won't return to the community until sufficient decontamination work is done.
Watanabe says only 2 of the 36 households at his temporary housing unit have returned to Miyakoji.

Tetsuzo Tsuboi is one of the residents who have returned home. He says he feels cheated by the government for withholding the estimates. He says he used to work in the forestry industry, but lost his job. He is calling on the government to put more effort into decontaminating mountain areas.

Hisao Tsuboi says the estimates are within his expectations. He resumed rice farming last year and has been using a dosimeter to keep track of radiation. He says levels may vary, so residents need to understand the specific exposure in their area.
Tsuboi also says many farmers are reluctant to start growing crops again because they fear they won't be able to sell them. He urges the government to do more to prevent rumors from damaging farmers.
Apr. 18, 2014 - Updated 12:17 UTC

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Fukushima Fuel Fragment Found In Home Vacuum Bag 460km From Disaster Site

Fukushima Fuel Fragment Found In Home Vacuum Bag 460km From Disaster Site
Marco Kaltofan at Worcester
Institute has issued more information about some unusual findings from a home vacuum cleaner bag they tested. The vacuum bag came from a home in Nagoya Japan, 460 km south and west of Fukushima Daiichi. We reported earlier on their discovery that something was very “off” with this sample sent in for examination. More details have been … Read entire article »

Citizens Continue To Find Inaccurate Govt. Radiation Monitors In Fukushima

Citizens Continue To Find Inaccurate Govt. Radiation Monitors In Fukushima
Citizens continue to find government radiation monitoring stations that read lower than the actual reading for the location. This one in Tomioka was off by a full microsievert per hour. These discrepancies become a considerable problem when they are then used to estimate possible human exposure on an annual scale or to declare potential health risks over time. This article … Read entire article »

Fukushima Towns Take A Stand Against IAEA, UNSCEAR

Fukushima Towns Take A Stand Against IAEA, UNSCEAR
A number of towns in Fukushima prefecture have decided to fight the IAEA & UNSCEAR over misuse and abuse of the data of the exposed populations. The Japanese government sent out an email that the IAEA was being requested by the IAEA for their reports and that it was “necessary”. Half of the municipalities contacted have refused to hand over radiation … Read entire article »

Japan Radiation Embargoed Food List

Japan Radiation Embargoed Food List
The Japanese government has been wooing the media with claims that all the contamination in the food supply has miraculously just gone away. This is of course not exactly what is going on. Some food products have been able to lower contamination levels by modifying farming tactics, but this has been a very limited set of circumstances. What is not … Read entire article »

Japan Govt. Orchestrates Fukushima Denial, Nuclear Restarts

Japan Govt. Orchestrates Fukushima Denial, Nuclear Restarts
The Japanese government continues to push for reactor restarts and to establish nuclear power as part of the national energy policy even though public opinion is still heavily against it. At the same time the government has pushed for politically motivated reopening of parts of the evacuation zone. The Japanese government has declared nuclear power as an “important baseload energy resource“. … Read entire article »


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4,200,000,000Bq of β and 10,000,000 Bq of γ 

nuclides leaked from ALPS again / New 

technology never get into operation

Extremely high level of radiation leaked from multiple nuclide removing system ALPS (Advanced Liquid Processing System).
This system has been continuously in the serious trouble since they started the hot test last Spring. However, Tepco doesn’t change their plan to try to purify 1,960 m3 / day of contaminated water from this Summer.
ALPS is practically considered to be one of a few national projects on contaminated water issue. Tepco’s president Hirose promised Japanese Prime Minister Abe to complete purifying all the contaminated water by the end of March in 2015.
The current contaminated water volume is approx. 450,000 m3. ALPS is required to be in the full operation in one of these months.

Around 0:19 of 4/16/2014, Fukushima worker found the contaminated water and absorption material overflowed from a part of the system. The leaking volume was 1.1 m3 as Tepco claims. The total volume of leaked β nuclides was 4.2 Billion Bq, the one of γ nuclides was 10 Million Bq.
The overflowed water spread over 6m × 6m × 3cm. Even the cause hasn’t been verified.

Huge tanks shipped to Fukushima plant / One 

gets full within less than 2 days

Following up this article.. Tepco to carry new contaminated water tanks directly from the factory by transport ships [URL]

Tepco started carrying 6 contaminated water tanks from the factory in Mitsubishi heavy industries in Hyogo to Fukushima plant.
The contaminated water is increasing faster than Tepco builds the new tanks in the site. Tepco attempts to catch up with the contaminated water increasing by transferring the completed tanks directly from the manufacture.

One is 15.6m tall, the diameter is 8.1m. The capacity is 700m3, but one tank gets full only within 2 days because 400m3 of groundwater flows to the basement of the plant buildings every single day.

Currently the storage facility is 91% full. It can be overflowing this coming June. (cf, Contaminated water storage already 91% full / Could be overflowing by this coming June [URL2]) Tepco states they are going to purify all 450,000 m3 of contaminated water by the end of next March. However the multiple nuclide removing system ALPS (Advanced Liquid Processing System) hasn’t been in the operation without having the continuous troubles. (cf, 4,200,000,000Bq of β nuclides and 10,000,000 Bq of γ nuclides leaked from ALPS again / New technology never get into operation [URL3]) If the new technology of ALPS turns to fail with other freezing water wall plan, Tepco would need to continue transferring these tanks for over half a century until they decommission the plant.

[Assumption overturned] Bypass water already 

exceeded the safety limit / Tepco “won’t stop 

pumping up”

Following up this article.. Tepco started pumping up the bypass water to discharge / Tritium density jumped up to 87% of desired safety level [URL]

The tritium density already exceeded their desired safety limit before even starting to discharge.

It was one of the 12 bypass wells. From the sample of 4/15/2014, Tepco measured 1,600,000 Bq/m3 of Tritium. Tepco’s desired safety limit is 1,500,000 Bq/m3.
The contamination level already exceeded before they even complete the detailed analysis to discharge.
The issued well is the closest to the tank area that experienced 300m3 leakage last summer. This measurement must overturn the assumption of Tepco’s discharging the bypass water to the sea. Tepco was assuming the bypass water should not be contaminated.

In the press conference of 4/17/2014, Tepco stated they will not stop using this well. The tritium density would be lower than the safety limit by mixing up with bypass water from other wells.

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Mayor in Fukushima during 3/11: Officials lied to everyone and hid the truth — It’s a violation of human rights to expose people to radiation like this, it’s terrible — Evacuees are forced to return, I’m really ashamed for my country (VIDEO)

Scientists: Plutonium released from Fukushima “is of radiological concern”; Reactor must be source, not spent fuel pool — Study: Plutonium found 120 km from plant; “Pu and non-natural uranium certainly increased in environment”

NHK Special: Extremely toxic water 4,000,000 times gov’t limit in trenches between reactors and ocean — “Levels too high for them to get precise look at situation” — Reporter: Plutonium leaked out (VIDEO)

“We’ve been deceived” — Asahi: Gov’t withheld Fukushima radiation data; Not released until residents moved back in — Kyodo: Skepticism growing; “Incident likely to amplify public health concerns”